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Esophageal services

Our surgeons provide relief for people suffering from conditions of the esophagus, including gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), swallowing issues or hiatal hernias. We offer a range of treatment options based on the severity of the condition, including the latest minimally invasive surgical procedures.

In addition to esophageal conditions, our specialists also treat speech or swallowing problems caused by a disease of the larynx or a chronic condition such as Parkinson’s disease. We offer specialized treatment at our Center for Voice and Swallowing and our Clinical Voice Laboratory.

What you should know about esophageal services

  • It is important to get an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment when noticing symptoms like heartburn, hernia or other conditions related to the esophagus. Some conditions can worsen or lead to more serious problems over time.
  • Some conditions of the esophagus can be treated using minimally invasive surgical procedures, which offer the advantages of a shorter hospital stay and a quicker recovery.

Why choose Geisinger for your esophageal services?

  • For people with cancer of the esophagus, our Esophageal Cancer Clinic provides access to a team of medical professionals from diagnosis through treatment.
  • Our surgeons perform a range of minimally invasive procedures, including treatment for GERD, reconstruction or replacement of the esophagus, and repair of esophageal hiatal hernia.
  • The laryngologists and speech language pathologists at our Center for Voice and Swallowing and our Clinical Voice Laboratory help adults and children with speech or swallowing problems.

Treats these conditions

Geisinger understands that conditions of the esophagus are not only uncomfortable, they can negatively impact overall quality of life. We offer efficient and effective care for:

Specialties and institutes

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