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Mother and child enjoy breathing easily outdoors after seeing an ENT doctor.

Ear, nose and throat (otolaryngology) care                    

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ENT specialty conditions and treatments

An ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor, also called an otolaryngologist, specializes in conditions that affect the ear, nose and throat. Our otolaryngologists are skilled in treating all ENT conditions and collaborate with doctors and surgeons throughout our health system, so you get the most targeted care possible.

Offering leading-edge treatments, our ENT doctors are skilled in caring for conditions that affect the face, head and neck. Our team works closely with surgical, medical and radiation oncologists to treat benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous) tumors of the head and neck, so you get a skilled, compassionate care team.

Specialty conditions and treatments

Geisinger’s advanced and comprehensive ENT care encompasses a range of treatments and conditions:

Get sinus and allergy relief

Dealing with sinus issues and allergies can affect your life year-round. Our ENT experts are here to diagnose and help you properly manage your allergies. From antibiotics and decongestants to endoscopic sinus surgery, we’ll help you find the treatment plan best suited for you.

Learn about head and neck surgery

Our ENT doctors are trained in the treatment of common and complex conditions including head and neck surgery. From esophageal surgery to sinus/nasal surgery, you’ll work with a compassionate ENT team that uses minimally-invasive treatments whenever possible.

Treatment for hearing loss and balance issues in adults and children

Whether you or your child were born with impaired hearing or are developing it later in life, or experiencing balance issues, we’re here to help. We offer advanced treatments, including cochlear implants, that can help you or your child regain or improve your hearing. Paired with a comprehensive rehabilitation program, our goal is to improve your quality of life.

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With skilled specialists and leading treatments, big-city ENT care is right in your backyard.

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From hearing loss to vestibular and balance issues, find an ENT specialist who focuses in treating your condition.

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Get instant access to test results and medical records, see upcoming appointments and message your doctor.

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Help us detect the earliest signs of certain conditions and take action to prevent them.

ENT care at Geisinger

Our ENT doctors are dedicated to providing innovative treatments and personalized care. We offer:

  • Focused care — Our doctors are trained in treating all ENT conditions, from simple to complex. This means you’ll work with a doctor who specializes in treating your condition and will be best able to create a personalized treatment plan.
  • Advanced hearing, balance and ear surgery care — Geisinger’s audiology specialists offer the most advanced care for hearing loss, hearing impairment and balance issues, including ear surgery.
  • Leading-edge head and neck surgery — Our head and neck surgeons perform minimally invasive and complex surgical procedures to treat a range of conditions, from benign (non-cancerous) tumors to head and neck cancers, and facial plastics and reconstructive surgery.
  • Advanced allergy care –  Our sinus and allergy specialists treat a wide range of nasal and sinus disorders, as well as offer the latest techniques for sinus surgeries.
  • Voice and swallowing disorders – Many people depend on their voice, no matter their age or profession, as much as their ability to swallow. From medical to surgical treatment, our laryngeal specialists are trained to treat a wide variety of voice and swallowing disorders. 
  • Pediatric ENT – Our pediatric ENT specialists offer comprehensive medical and surgical treatment in children and adolescents for conditions affecting the ear, nose and throat, or head and neck region.
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