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Heart imaging

Cardiac imaging helps your doctor detect coronary artery disease and other heart problems. We offer all the latest heart imaging tests, including cardiac CAT scan, cardiac MRI, echocardiography and nuclear stress testing. These tests help us get a clearer picture of your heart health.

Many cardiac imaging tests are non-invasive. Others, such as cardiac catheterization, are minimally invasive and can help us look directly inside a coronary artery.

What you should know about heart imaging:

  • Accurate diagnostic testing can help us identify coronary artery disease earlier. The sooner we can treat blockages and other blood flow problems, the lower your risk of heart attack or stroke.
  • Most cardiac imaging tests are outpatient
  • Invasive cardiac imaging is done in a cardiac catheterization lab.

Why choose Geisinger for heart imaging?

  • Specialized training in cardiac imaging: Heart imaging has become more complex. It is important to know which tests to use and how to combine them for the most accurate evaluation of coronary artery disease. Our heart imaging specialists have completed advanced training to offer the right care.
  • Latest catheter-based heart imaging and diagnostics: We offer the most advanced diagnostic tests, including intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and fractional flow reserve (FFR). IVUS lets us look inside coronary arteries and FFR accurately measures blood flow. These tests make it possible to identify artery blockages that were difficult to see and to provide precise treatment for each individual.

Treats these conditions

Our expertise in heart imaging tests means we are able to provide care sooner to people with:

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