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KeryFlex cosmetic nail treatment

KeryFlex™ cosmetic nail treatment is an in-office procedure that restores the natural appearance of toenails. Using this product, podiatrists are able to cosmetically remodel nails that have been damaged by fungus or trauma.

The KeryFlex nail is durable and won’t be damaged by acetone, nail polish or detergents. KeryFlex nails last two to three months before reapplication is needed. 

What you should know about KeryFlex cosmetic nail treatment

  • KeryFlex treatment involves the application of synthetic resin that is shaped and then dried by an ultraviolet light to create a natural-looking nail.
  • KeryFlex provides immediate cosmetic improvement while undergoing laser fungal treatments.
  • Our podiatrists are among the few in the region to offer KeryFlex treatments.

Treats these conditions

Unsightly nails can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. That is why we offer KeryFlex to repair nails that have been damaged by:

  • Nail trauma
  • Nail fungus

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