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Mammography is a type of breast imaging we use to detect breast cancer early, before symptoms become obvious. Mammograms can also detect benign (non-cancerous) breast disease such as cysts and lumps. We offer the latest technology.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer leads to better outcomes. Regular mammograms are vital to catching the disease before it spreads and becomes more difficult to treat.

What you should know about mammograms

  • The American College of Radiology and other leading health groups have determined that the most lives are saved with annual mammograms beginning at age 40. Your doctor may recommend starting earlier if you have a family history or other risk factors.
  • If screening reveals an abnormality, our doctors recommend a second mammogram as a diagnostic tool to get more detailed information.

Why choose Geisinger for your mammogram?

  • Specialized breast-imaging: Our radiologists completed additional, specialized training (fellowships) in breast imaging.
  • Latest mammography services: We offer 3-D mammography (tomosynthesis), an advanced form of breast imaging that helps detect abnormalities in dense breast tissue.
  • Comprehensive Breast Health program: We are one of the only full-service breast health programs in the region. Because we are full service, we can quickly start breast cancer treatment if mammography and other testing find and confirm a problem.

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Annual mammograms help detect breast cancer early. We offer the latest screening and diagnostic mammography.

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