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Pediatric ophthalmology

Common conditions in pediatric ophthalmology include lazy eye, crossed eyes, pediatric cataracts, blocked tear ducts and eye problems in premature babies. With early treatment, most children will regain normal vision and eye function.

What you should know about pediatric ophthalmology

  • Many common childhood eye conditions can be corrected, especially if caught early.
  • Pediatric vision screening can identify children with eye conditions that are likely to lead to vision loss.

Why choose Geisinger for your pediatric ophthalmology?

  • The caring and gentle pediatric eye care experts at Geisinger Eye Institute are trained in diagnosing and treating eye and vision problems in children.

Treatment options

If your child has an eye condition, there are effective treatments that can help.

Specialties and institutes

Connect with other specialties at Geisinger to learn more about these treatments.

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