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Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR)

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement, or TAVR, offers a minimally invasive approach to treating narrowed aortic valves (aortic stenosis). With TAVR, we are able to replace your damaged aortic valve without removing the old one. We can now offer the procedure to a wider range of people.

To perform TAVR, your doctor inserts a catheter (small, thin tube), into an artery in your groin. The new valve is threaded through your artery to your heart, where it opens up. The new valve takes over and begins to regulate blood flow.

What you should know about TAVR:

  • TAVR is an alternative to traditional heart valve surgery. Instead of opening your chest and replacing the aortic valve, TAVR requires only a small incision. The recovery is quicker, with less downtime.
  • TAVR was previously only available to people who were at high or medium risk for surgery, often because of their age.

Why choose Geisinger for TAVR?

  • Leader in the region: Geisinger was the first heart program in the region to offer TAVR. We have been performing TAVR longer than anyone else in northeast and central Pennsylvania.
  • Excellent outcomes: Because we perform so many TAVR procedures, we have specialized expertise. We see a wide range of people with aortic stenosis, and are able to treat many of them using TAVR. This experience helps us return people to their active lifestyles sooner.
  • Available for more people: Geisinger has a track record of participating in clinical trials that benefit patients. Because of our involvement in a national study, we can offer TAVR for people at low surgical risk who would not otherwise qualify. The FDA has already approved TAVR for people with medium or high risk.

Learn more about TAVR aortic valve replacement as an alternative to open-heart surgery in this WNEP Healthwatch 16 segment.

Treats these conditions

We offer TAVR as a minimally invasive alternative to surgery for people with:

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