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"I didn't want to suffer the same fate as my mother."

Ruth Trinidad, BRCA2 positive identified in MyCode

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MyCode Community Health Initiative

Anne Murphy
Anne Murphy found out about her genetic predisposition for cancer through MyCode.

We're not waiting for someday. Our patients are getting results today.

Our Genomic Sequencing and Counseling program is the first large-scale, health system-based clinical program in the world to inform patients about their inherited risks for illness based on their genetic makeup.

The clinical counterpart to our MyCode Community Health Initiative, our Genomic Screening and Counseling program is empowering patients in our community who are at high risk for early onset cancers (breast, ovarian, colon), early onset cardiac events (heart attack, stroke) and other potentially preventable conditions to better manage or even prevent illness.

Leah Williams GMI

Detecting gene changes for better health

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Translating the complicated language of genetics for our patients

Variant and gene curation

To interpret the results of genomic sequencing requires careful analysis of each genome variant discovered and what it might mean. The variant and gene curation teams at Geisinger are dedicated to accurately interpreting complex genomic data into meaningful knowledge for numerous research and clinical efforts. Additionally, leaders of Geisinger's Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute (ADMI) and Genomic Medicine Institute (GMI) are at the forefront of national and international efforts to standardize and streamline variant and gene curation processes. Through collaborative partnerships funded by the NIH, such as the Clinical Genome Resource (ClinGen) and the Electronic Medical Records and Genomics (eMERGE) Network, and other grants, members of our team are driving innovative efforts and helping to define high standards for all curation efforts. Geisinger remains a leader in these efforts to move precision health into everyday healthcare.

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