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What happens to your sample, step by step

Step one

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After you sign up for MyCode, a blood sample is taken at your next lab visit.*

Step two

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Once your blood sample arrives at Geisinger’s MyCode lab, all personal identification is removed and it gets a code number.

Step three

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DNA is extracted, stored and preserved, then shipped to Regeneron — our partner for sequencing.

Step four

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Regeneron does genetic sequencing of your DNA.

Step five

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Geisinger analyzes your genetic data.

After we have reviewed your sample, you will go down one of these paths:

Path one: No genetic change is found that is in the current list of conditions that Geisinger is returning information about.

Path two: a medically relevant genetic change is found.

Step one
The result is sent to a clinical laboratory for confirmation.

Step two
A report is returned to Geisinger’s genomics team.

Step three
Genetic change results are sent to you and your doctor with an invitation to meet with Geisinger’s genomics team for medical advice.

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