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Congratulations to out new CEO Dr. Jaewon Ryu

Please take a moment to congratulate Geisinger's new CEO, Dr. Jaewon Ryu by leaving a message using the form above.

Congrats Dr. Ryu. You have been proven to be an excellent leader in the last few months. Wish you all the best as a new CEO of Geisinger.

Mena S., Geisinger Medical Center, Neuroscience

Happy and proud that you are staying as CEO, I think you will be a great leader for us.

Ted H., Eye Institute

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! We are looking forward to your continued leadership of our organization!

Eric W., Precision Health Center

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu!!!

Zarina R., Buckhorn Office Building

I would like to congratulate you as you lead us into the future. I am delighted and honored to part of the Geisinger family of employees who are ready, willing and able to help make Geisinger the best it can be.

Gary E., Danville


Nancy C. Z., LPN, GLH 7A

I was proud to share with my fellow HTG members: FMOLHS, Intermountain, Kaiser Permanente, Mercy and Mayo at the June GS1-Connect 2019 last week in Denver. No doubt we will continue the legacy of making it right and making it the best!

Kevin C., Justin Drive 2

welcome & cogratulations

Pat C., gswb

Super Best Wishes & Congratulations

Gary H., Atlantic City

Congratulations on your permanent post! Looking forward to see what the future holds for us all under your guidance.

Patti, Justin Drive I

Congratulations! So glad to have you as our leader.

Patti D., Vascular Access GWV

Congratulations on your appointment to lead Geisinger into the future!

Kathy H., Archives

Congratulations! Dr. Ryu

Lucinda R., 6 west

Many blessings on your new journey.

Sue Carol O., Chaplain, Geisinger Holy Spirit

Best Wishes and Congratulations

Lillian T.r, Patient Care Support

Congratulations and best wishes on your appointment! Looking forward to the great contributions you will add to GHS!

Virginia L., MS, RN, Geisinger Health Plan Centerpointe

In Jan I celebrated my 40th year at Geisinger Over the years I have seen this hospital grow into what it is today and I look forward to seeing and being a part of its new growth and development. Congratulation's Dr Ryu !

Sherrie H., Nurse navigation Concierge Team

Congrats !! Hope to see you at our campus !! Tough job you have in this environment

Robert Y. DO, hospitalist, palliative, gwv

Good Luck Dr. Jaewon Ryu

Teresa, GHSH

Best wishes for continued success for you and Geisinger.

Linda G-W., ENT - Foss4

Congratulations and welcome !!

Nancy S., SNF Mt Pleasant

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!!!

Sally T., System Therapeutics

Congratulations! Please stop by the Kulpmont Clinic for a warm welcome.

Amy, CPSL Kulpmont

Jaewon-Congratulations. Looking forward to continuing the healthcare improvement journey under your leadership.

Deb T., GSS JD 2

Congratulations and Best of Luck!

Tiffany B., Telepharmacy

Congratulations! Excited to see where your leadership takes us! Onward and upward!

Amy S., Genomic Medicine Institute

Congratulations on your well-deserved success!

Mary J. W., CenterPoint, Pittston

Dr. Jaewon Ryu, Congratulations on your appointment and I wish you the very best.

Debra P., Ophthalmology, Baltimore Drive

Heartiest congratulation.

M. Nayeem A., GSACH

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu! Wishing you success as you continue forward in your permanent appointment.

Bonnie H., GBH

Congratulations on being selected as our new CEO. I'm sure you will continue on a course of excellence.

Ralph G., CSR


Renae M., Danville

Congratulations! Best of Luck in your new position here at Geisinger. I have been an employee for over 15 years and have enjoyed all my time. I love what Geisinger stands for and the impact the organization makes on so many.

Angela S., GHP

Congratulations Dr. Ryu on your appointment. I look forward to assisting you in achieving your goals!

Mike D., GCMC

Congratulations for your well deserved appointment.

Ramesh A. MD, Holy Spirit

Absolutely wonderful news !! So looking forward to the next exciting chapter for our Geisinger.

Kathy B., GHP/MM


Mohanbabu A., GMC

Congratulations! You have done an awesome job and will continue your great work.

Natalie, Holy Spirit


Maria Y., Glenmaura

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! Best wishes as you provide leadership to Geisinger and direct our future endeavors.

Barbara E., Human Resources

Congratulations on your appointment to CEO of our hospital! I have faith that you'll do well in your position and look forward to your leadership and innovation.

Sarah W., Switchboard

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!!!!!!

Kasen, MS-5S

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu! Wishing you continued success as you implement your vision for our health system.

Joe Y., Clinic Laboratories


Jacquelien B., Geisinger Jersey Shore

Congratulations on your appointment, and continued success!

Eileen, GOSM

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu- we are glad and excited to have you!


Dr. Ryu, A hearty congratulations on your recent promotion! Your medical expertise and background make you most deserved to take Geisinger on from this point

Brad L., GMC Danville HIM

Congratulations. Remember to take time for you !!! :)))

Linda W. RN BSN, GBH 4N

Congratulations on your new position, best wishes!!!

Jonelle S., Geisinger wyoming valley

Congrats, Dr. Ryu! Well deserved! Look forward to many great things to come for our patients/members with the Geisinger Family's collaboration under your leadership.

Paul S., Danville - GOB

Best of luck in your new adventure!

Todd F., Buckhorn Office Building

Congratulations Dr. Ryu !!

Betsy B., LSW, Geisinger at Home, Western Region

Congratulations Jaewon. We are excited to be working with you. I look forward to achieving greatness and excellence in patient care together.

Inua M., AtlantiCare

Congratulations! Very exciting time for Geisinger!

Jake, Geisinger Office Building I

Congrats Dr. Ryu!!

Lauren T., Laboratory Medicine

Congratulations!!! The right person for the job.

Dennis T., MH3


Kristy H., GLH

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

Emily, Legal Services

Dr Ryu, Congratulations on your appointment as President and CEO of Geisinger. Wishing you great success in leading the continuation of Innovation and Mission at Geisinger.

Best regards, Peggy S., AtlantiCare

Congratulation and Best Wishes!

Sherri M., GMC Guest Service Associate

The Geisinger family was routing for you! Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

Michelle, Human Resources

Congratulations Jaewon! We are looking forward to working with you in your new role as Geisinger CEO.

Tom B., AtlantiCare ED


Anne HN, GJSH-Acute Care NA/UDC

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

Bryan S., Caresite Pharmacy

Congratulations, well deserved.

M. Yaser M., AtantiCare


Susan R., Nurse Family Partnership

Congratulations on your new position. I'm excited to see how you continue to bring leadership and innovation to our organization. I wish you the best of luck!

Melissa B., Atlanticare ASC- Executive Director

Congrats Dr. Ryu!

Liberty D., GMC Ortho

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

Sai S. G., Geisinger Lewistown Hospital


Joanne S., GHP- Customer Care Team

Congrats Dr. Ryu!


Best Wishes to you Dr. Ryu! Glad you are able to lead Geisinger into a bright future!

Jodi G., Foss 5 OMFS


Mary Clare R., GCMC

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!!

Sarah, Pharmacy

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!! Plow Forward!!

Susan J. D. LPN, QA Dept

Congrats!! :)

Sam, Geisinger Holy Spirit

Congratulations! I think you're really doing God's work and you will move Geisinger in the best direction possible!

Brooklyn S., Geisinger Jersey Shore ACU

Congratulations Dr. Ryu. Wishing you greatly success in your role.

Gloria P., GMC-OR

Congratulations Dr. Ryu !

Renee W. B., Medicine Institute

Heartiest congratulations


Congrats, Dr. Ryu! So excited!!

Sara M., Springboard/Geisinger Health and Wellness


Deb R., General Surgery Bloomsburg Clinic


Allison P., Western/South Central Region

Congratulations!! I believe you are an asset to all of us!

Wendy R., LIFE Geisinger

Congratulations Dr Ryu!

Missy D., GHP

Congratulations Dr. Ryu on your appointment as CEO! Your appointment is well-deserved and I look forward to your leadership!

Pam H., GEMS Sim Center, GMC Main Campus

Congratulations! well deserved! From the ECMO Team here at GMC!

Evan G., ECMO

Congratulations! Looking forward to your leadership.

Sandra C.n, RN, Central Pa HCQU

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! We couldn't have a better leader at the helm! Best wishes!

Nicole T., Medicine Institute

Congratulation Hoped to see great things from you.

Donald K., GEMS

Congratulations Dr Ryu! I look forward to being a part of the Geisinger family under your leadership. Best wishes!

Wendy P., CenterPoint

Hearty Congrats Dr. Ryu and wish you all success.

Venkata R. D., Weis Center for Research

All the best in your new position.

Howard D. MSPA, Berwick

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! Very excited to continue working under your amazing talent and guidance that will propel Geisinger forward for many more years to come!!

Gregory M., GHP Justin Drive II

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

Chris M., Workplace Design & Delivery

Congrats Dr. Ryu!!! I'm looking forward to continuing the journey we are on and looking forward to what the future brings under your leadership.

Matt N., Gray's Woods

Congratulations! May God's own love, joy, peace and healing fill you and become your gift to all whom you serve as CEO. My prayer supports you!

Sister Mary Joseph, GHS


Youssef S. MD/PhD, GSOM

Congratulations on your well-earned appointment to president and CEO of Geisinger. BRAVO!

Julene C., Danville

Congratulations Dr. Ryu. Wishing you tremendous success in your role.

Christy P., Glenmaura (Moosic, PA)


Kathy H., Geisinger Holy Spirit

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! Very well deserved. Best wishes for your continued success. May we conquer all challenges under your leadership.

Evelyn D., Geisinger Jersey Shore Hospital


Cory W., Marketing and Communications

Congratulations Dr. Ryu

Gregory E., GCMC

Congratulations! Well Deserved! Thank you so much for being a leader of an awesome team!

Pamela L., GLH

Well Done

Mary Beth R., womens clinic, MFM

Congratulations and best wishes!

Frank R., ISS Solutions, Langhorne / Boston

Congratulations!! And best of luck!

Jan E., GCMC Pre Admission Testing

Congrats!! I am excited for you and your new adventure!

Bryttani, Hughes Center North

Congratulations on your appointment!!! Your message of appreciation is very sincere and made my day!! Best to you and thank you!!

Barbara M. RN, BSN, Geisinger Holy Spirit Endo Center

Congrats, Dr. Ryu! I look forward to being a part of Geisinger's growth and development under your leadership.

Ryan A., GWV MS6

Congratulations, Jaewon. I'm confident you will be good for Geisinger. Best wishes and thank you for taking on all the challenges. Conrad

Conrad S., Lab Medicine

Can't think of anyone better to take caring forward for Geisinger. Congratulations!

Mark S., Infection Prevention

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu! I look forward to our journey under your continued leadership!

Lynne H., Danville

You have taken on an awesome responsibility. I have great confidence that you will live up to the task. Congrats

Arlene B. MD, Palliative GHS

Congratulations! I know you'll do a fabulous job for Geisinger! Happy to have you as CEO.

Jan R., Geisinger Lewistown Hospital

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!! Best Wishes to you! Looking forward to your leadership!

Laura N., Geisinger Juniata

Welcome Dr Ryu! And congratulations on your new post with Geisinger!

Patti T., GJSH

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!!!! Looking forward to a future of successes, developments, and conquered challenges as we move ahead under your leadership!!!!

Jennifer C., Buckhorn Office Building - Compliance

Congratulations Dr. Ryu

Michele T., GCMC

Congratulations and wishing you continued success!

Joyce L., Centerpoint

Congratulations Dr Ryu!

Eduardo M., GWV

Congrats from GSACH PSU and SCU staff! We look forward to your leadership and the path you are taking our health care system on.

Marie A. Ops Manager, GSACH


Linda S., Pre-Surgery Clinic Wilkes-Barre

Congratulations Dr. Ryu. I look forward to working together to reduce risk within the organization and continuing to make Geisinger the best experience for our patients and members.

Aaron N., Internal Audit

Congratulations and good luck to you as you guide the Geisinger organization into the future. Your message was inspirational!

Janet B., Scranton

Congratulations Dr Ryu! Truly a great decision for Geisinger.

Michelle, Bloomsburg

Congratulations !!!

Dr. Nate Jolo R., Deprt of Pharmacy, GCMC


Michelle, Care Gaps

Congratulations! Wishing you the best and looking forward to next steps in the Geisinger journey!

Kim E., Center Point, Pittston

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! All the best to you and Geisinger!

Patty G., Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre Hospital

Super-excited to make "our" hospital awesome along with your oversight! Congratulations, for sure!

Dawn G., BHS

Congratulations Dr. Ryu. Best Wishes!

Karen, Care Gaps

Congratulations and best wishes in your new position!!

Gina G., Geisinger Marworth

Congratulations! Best wishes and great success in your new role.

Shubhra K-B., Geisinger Holy Spirit

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!! From staff on AP4!

Brandi M., AP4

Congratulations and welcome to the family!!!!

Melinda A., Geisinger Holy Spirit

Congratulations! Best of Luck !!

Kelly Z., GWV


Heather G., Geisinger Lewistown Hospital

All the best. I can feel the difference already! Positive.

Al B., Home / Bethlehem PA

Congratulations Dr. Ryu, best of luck with this new challenge. Look forward to working with you to meet Geisinger's mission.

Dave T., GMC Danville


Christina L., GWV

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

Kim M., Montour Street Office Building

Very nice video. Great message. Congratulations. Hope you stay a long time.

Dennis S., Catawissa

best wishes for you in your new position and hoping for many fulfilling years as GMC's new CEO.

Pat Y., prof coder, finance dept

Congrats! Glad you are staying with us!

Janet H., hemodialysis

Congratulations! Continue the legacy!

R. J. EMT-Paramedic, Geisinger Emergency Medical Services, Danville

A well deserved appointment for a great leader!

Joe M., Centerpoint


Cathleen, OR

Congratulations Dr. Ryu. Looking forward to your leadership to our organization and continued support for Janet Weis Childrens Hospital and Pediatric Cancer Program

Jagadeesh R., MD, Danville

Congratulations Dr. Ryu From All of Second shift Phlebotomy

Carol F., Bush Pivilion Laboratory

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!! I'm excited about your plans for Geisinger's future, and wish you the best of luck!

Eleni H., EVS, Annex Building

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

John J. H., Woodbine



Congratulations and Best Wishes. I hope to meet you one of these days and exchange some ideas to make this organization more successful

Madhava R., GCMC Cardiology

Best wishes, Dr. Ryu, on your new journey. May it be a long prosperous one for the whole Geisinger family.

Bonnie E., Digital Print & Mail Center

Congratulations! Looking forward to the journey ahead.

Rebecca Y. RN, GHS

Look forward to continuing to work with you. Think ProvenRecovery!

Tom E., GWV

Keep up the great work and congratulations.

Jay, Moosic

congratulation Dr Ryu glad you took this position

Roxie H., GMC switchboard

Looking forward to your leadership in our organization!!!! We are in this together! Welcome to your new adventure!

Donna K. RN, BSN, CDE, CPT, Clinical Nutrition Services FC7

Congratulations and all the best!!!

Fran, GLH

Congratulations on a well-deserved promotion. I look forward to your continued leadership and wishing you (and us) much success!

Melanie Z., Buckhorn

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! I look forward to continue working with you!

Mark B., Justin Dr II Danville


Diane, GMC

Congratulations on this well deserved honor. Thank you for taking the reigns and sharing your vision. "Now go be great".

Vonda H., GMC/Central region

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!! We're so excited you will be leading our Geisinger family.

Diana G. RN, SDS


Carol B., GMG Lock Haven/GHP case manager

Dr Ryu, Thanks for taking on this new role. Your commitment to this great institution and our patients is much appreciated.

Vic M. Sr., Woodbine


Jonathan, GHS Carlisle center


Jody M. rn, Surgery clinic

Congratulations on your appointment!!!

Vicky B. RN, GBH OB

Congratulations Dr. Ryu. Here's to continued success!

Chris L., GHS

Congratulations on your appointment as CEO. It is well deserved.

Kevin B., GCSOM

We look forward to working with you to keep Geisinger great and to expand our horizons in new ways that serve our Geisinger family.

Charlotte C., GMC

Congratulations! I look forward to working with you.

Phyllis K. HfAM8 Operations Manager, HfAM8

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu! Excited to hear of your new plans. Also, it has been a pleasure to get to know Sara and Abby here in Audiology.

Ginni S., Audiology

Congratulations Dr. Ryu. Best of luck!

Catherine F, Clinical Access Management

Congratulations, Jaewon. I’ll look forward to continuing to work with you.

Paul S., Pulmonary-Critical Care

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! We are looking forward to your continued leadership!

Christian C., GCSoM

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! I am excited about your vision and Geisinger's future!

Teressa S., EVS System Services

Congratulations and my best on your Journey through the Innovation of Health Care

Joe L., BMT- Geisinger

Jaewon, Congratulations

Sri H., GCMC

Congratulations. Great times are ahead.

James T., 65 Forward

Congratulations and best of luck!

Dan, Pittston

Congratulations and best wishes, Jaewon!!! I am sure Geisinger will continue to innovate and enhance care with your leadership.

Dave J., Wilkes-Barre

Congratulations. Looking forward to you leading us into this next journey.

Alisa B., Hem/Onc State College

Congratulations on being named our new CEO. Looking forward to great things.

Wilson Y., MD, PhD, GCMC Cardiac Electrophysiolgoy

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

Frances M., Geisinger Pottsville

Congratulations! We look forward to all of the exciting changes and innovations moving forward with you at the helm. Thank you!

Lori R., GWV IR

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! It is a pleasure to have you as our president and chief executive officer.

Raymond H., GSWB Pain Clinic

Congrats and wishing you much success!!

Valerie W., GBH ED

Congratulations and best wishes for a happy and successful new endeavor.

Teresa S. RRT, Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre

Congratulations Dr. Ryu

Nat, GCMC Multispecialty Clinic

Looking forward to great things - no pressure.

Ruby W., Pulmonary

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! Best wishes as you continue leading the Geisinger Family. Salud! :-)

Jen M., Justin I, Danville

Congratulations Dr. Ryu

Paul, Pittston Centerpoint

Congratulations. :)

Pam S., Carlisle Family Medicine

Congratulations! Best of luck!

Patricia B., CRNP, Care@Home Northeast

Congratulations and Best Wishes!

Kelly K., Geisinger Lewisburg Clinic


Mark L., Geisinger Cancer Center Lewisburg

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu!

Matt M., Wilkes-Barre

Congratulations on the permanent appointment, Dr. Ryu! Looking forward to your leadership and doing my part to support the mission of making healthcare easier.

Amir G, GMC Danville

thanks for your ongoing commitment to Geisinger's patient's students and staff

JC, Scranton

Congratulations Dr. Ryu. I look forward to serve our institution under your leadership in the best way I can.

Yohannes G., GMC Anesthesiology

Congratulations. Looking forward to working with you in maintaining and improving health care delivery at Geisinger.

Dr. Nadia R., Knapper Cancer Center

I look forward to meeting you someday at our employee meetings. Congratulations!! :)

Kim C., Torron Center in State College (West)

Congrats and great message!!

Jack M., Radiology


Stephanie B., GWV Caresite Pharmacy

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! I look forward to our future with you!

Annum H., Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine (Student)

Congratulations Dr Ryu !! Please visit the Specialty Clinic @ GCMC. We would really like to see you in person !!!

Deborah B., Specialty Clinic - Neurosurgery

Congratulations and I look forward to the future here at Geisinger!!

Diane Z., GWV CDI

Congratulations !!

Lisa, Zuba

Congratulations! Dr. Ryu I look forward to your moving Geisinger forward under your leadership.

Toni S., GMC

Congratulations! Such a great accomplishment and well deserved.

Carrie T., Glenmaura

Congratulations and My Sincerest Wishes for a Long, Productive, and Meaningful Career with Geisinger!

Susan A., Geisinger Lewisburg

Great news!! Congratulations!! We're really looking forward to it!!!

Akram A., Geisinger Northeast

Congratulations on your promotion. Best of luck on your new roll. Look forward to your visions for the future of Geisinger Health System.

Heather H., SVI - lewisburg

Well deserved! Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

Bess C., Marketing & Communications

Congratulations, Dr Ryu! Best of luck to you :-)

David M., GWV

Congratulations, You will make an outstanding CEO: This has been proven already by everything you have accomplished since becoming Interim CEO. Thank you for all that you do!!

Sandie, Care Gaps GHS

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu!

Jan L., HM-Steele Insitute for Innovation

Congratulations on your newly appointed position. I know you will do your best to continue the upward scale of bettering the employee and patient experience.

Melissa P., Respiratory Dept

Hoping for the best for you in your future at Geisinger.

Florence B., Miracle Square Gift Shop, GMC

Congratulations! With your guidance we are sure to continue to be a leader in healthcare.

Megan L., Geisinger Wyoming Valley

Welcome to you and your family!

Linaye, Geisinger Holy Spirit MIU

30,000 strong and growing everyday.... Congratulations on your new role and starting an exciting chapter in your life!

Lucy V., GWV ER

Congratulations! I look forward to see where you are leading us.

Pam R., GMC - Annex2nd floor

Best Wishes to You !

Barb T., Dallas Family Practice

Dr. Ryu- Congratulations to you on this well deserved appointment. Proud to call you CEO and friend.

Tasha D., RDN, GI/Nutrition Main Campus

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! We appreciate your willingness to fill the interim role, and wish nothing but success, as we support the direction you lead.

Brian D., GSACH Foodservice

Congratulations as we Journey together !

Judy, Lewistown GLH

Yay!! Absolutely over joyed - this a great day for the health system and the community we serve!

Anthony A. Cernera, MEd, GMC

Best Wishes to You !

Barb T., Dallas Family Practice

Congratulations! So happy for you and for Geisinger. We are elated to have you as our leader.

Vanessa S., Infection Prevention and Control

Congrtulations.....I did enjoy your speech in April @ my SAW graduation in the new Pittston building.....good luck on your roll

Sharon C., Kistler clinic

Congratulation! All the best to take over all health care challenges.

Vekaria, GCMC


Grace G., RN, REI Northeast

Dr. Jaweon Ryu, My most sincere congratulations! You are a great leader.

Ramin Z, GMC/GWV

Outstanding news! I look forward to our continued collaboration to provide quality care to our patients and provide an enriching environment for our Geisinger family.

Joan, T

Congratulations!! So happy to hear. I think we are in fantastic hands! Appreciate what you've done and look forward to our future!

Lori M., Glenmaura

Very welcome news, Dr Ryu! Congratulations!

Kirk H., GOB1 in Danville

Woot ! Woot ! Congratulations!

Jodi C., Scranton

Great News! Dr. Ryu, Congratulations and Best of Luck to you!

Mary A., Danville

All the best

Prince M., GMC

Congrats on your official appointment to CEO.

Justine, Danville

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! Wising you all the best in your new role.

Trish K., GOB 2

Congratulations. Looking forward to your leadership.

Richard B. MD, Huntingdon Cold Springs

Congratulations and God bless you!

Br. Michael R., OFM Cap, Geisinger Holy Spirit

Dr. Ryu, Congratulations I look forward to meeting you at some point I haven't had the pleasure.

Lori H., GHP Woodbine Hughes CEnter South

Welcome and Congratulations!

Maria K., GWV Henry cancer Center


Anil K., Transplant Surgery


Cathy Y., GWV Hospitalist Dept

Congratulations Dr.Ryu. Well Deserved!!! Best of Luck!!

Roxann, Danville

Continued Success and God Bless!!

Mary B., Buckhorn Office Building

Congratulations May God Bless you in your new position

Roseann Z., Geisinger ortho scranton

Congratulations! I look forward to hearing your ideas and watching you lead us into the future!

Amanda , GMC

Congratulations Dr. Ryu

Michelle T, Nurse-Family Partnership Lewisburg

Congrats Dr. Ryu, very well deserved!

Terrance L., MD, GMC Laboratory Medicine

I am excited to hear that you will continue to lead our organization. Congratulations!

Regina, Buckhorn Office Building

Congratulations Dr Ryu!

LeDell N., OR

Congratulations! Can't wait to see the new direction you take us in!

Cherise Y., Forty-Fort/Lewisburg

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

Maryann, HCN

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu! Looking forward to seeing you take Geisinger to the next level!

Karen, B., PA


Jennifer S., Kistler Clinic

Congratulations!!! I look forward to watching our organization to grow into a patient care centered organization under your watch. Where our patients feel truly listened to and cared for.

Karyl M., LPN Team Lead, Careworks

Congratulations and looking forward to moving forward under your leadership

Dean P., Justin Drive II

Congratulations Dr. Ryu. Looking forward to you leading us into the future!

Rob E., PA-C, MSKI Wilkes Barre


Melissa P, GWV

Congratulations Dr. Ryu...well deserved!!

Christie C., Pediatrics

Wishing you much success! Congratulations!

Madeline, Life, Kulpmont


Justine, OSW Woodbine

Wishing you all the best in your new role!

Angela, OBGYN Administration

Congratulations! happy for You, the Geisinger family, Patients, and our Health care!

Kasim K., MD, GWV

Congratulations and Best Wishes!!

Jo C., RN, Geisinger Orthopaedics, Scranton

Congrats! Make Geisinger the best.

Shaohua X., Danville

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! I look forward to continuing the mission of Geisinger.

Al N., Danville

Congratulations on your new success ! May the circle of your career keep rolling on and create more prosperous story in your life.

Sherri P. Clinical Site Supervisor, Pittston Community Medicine

So happy that you have been chosen as the new CEO for Geisinger. I too look forward to many future journey's within the Geisinger System with you as our leader.

Kathleen N. LPN, Geisinger Lock Haven Clinic

Congratulations and Best Wishes!

Ann B, Danville

Blessing for this new Journey

Tammy G., GMC

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

Angie Williams-C., ENT



Congratulations Dr. Ryu!!

Kelli H., Woodbine

Congrats keep up the great work

Terry H., Facilities automotive

Congratulations on your permanent role! Good Luck and looking forward to working with you for many years to come.

Kevin S., GLH - KronosIT

Wishing you continued success in leading Geisinger to new heights of excellence!!!

Laura, GCMC

Congratulations!! I am so glad to hear you were appointment the next CEO. Looking forward to working on ways to improve our system and take care of our patients!!

Sally B., Community Medicine

Congrats Dr. Ryu! Well-deserved

Tammy, Mill Street

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!!!!

Pam B., Corporate Insurance, Mill Street Danville


Grace S., OBGYN

Congratulations! Well deserved! Geisinger will continue to benefit from your years of leadership

Christine N. MD, GMC

Congratulations on your appointment as our President and CEO! I am grateful for your strong support of our work at the Health Foundation and look forward to our collaboration moving forward. Best wishes!

Jessica Owens P., Geisinger Health Foundation

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! I'm so happy that YOU are the new CEO! We are lucky to have you!!!!

Kathy F., GCMC



I was so happy to hear this news! Congratulations, Dr. Ryu!

Sharlene, Danville

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu

Connie H., GBH


Susan M., gwv

Ever since I heard you speak at our quarterly meeting, I was hopeful you would be chosen for the job. Looking forward to your vision, leadership and working toward Abigail's vision for Geisinger. Wishing you luck, health and happiness.

Melissa W., Digital Print and Mail Center (Print Shop)

Congratulations on your appointment as our new CEO- from your GCMC/Marworth Security Teams.

Rudolf M. G., GCMC

Congratulations on continued great work. Here is to many years of success.

Lynn D., GHS Pastoral Care

Congratulations! Wishing success to you in your role!

Chris G., GCMC

Congratulations! And thank you for your hard work on behalf of the organization.

Lauren W., Geisinger Holy Spirit

Congratulations Dr. Ryu , well deserved !

Jay K., Pittston Centerpoint Office

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu! A most well-deserved selection!

Lisabeth Eames C., Organizational Development Justin Dr II

Congratulations from GSWB Food Service Dept.

Frank H., GSWB

Congratulations on your appointment as President and CEO of Geisinger.

Greg T., Justine Drive II

Congratulations!! I was hoping the board would consider you. I am happy that you want to lead us!! Thank you Dr. Ryu!!

Pat R., GHP Justin Dr

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! And wishing you the best in your continued success


Congrats! You'll do a great job!

David, Montoursville


Josh S., Danville

Congratulations! Enjoyed meeting you as your walked through the ED at GBH. If I can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Amy T., MD, GBH ED

Congratulations Dr. Ryu on becoming the new CEO. I look forward to many years of working under your direction. May God Bless you and your decision making!!

Sherry A. W., Buckhorn office building

Well deserved. Congratulations and wishing you the best in leading us!

Girmay T., GMC/Children's

CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Ryu! I appreciate your enthusiasm in supporting our employees on their journey of continuing their education and career advancement through our School at Work program. I look forward to our future interactions!

Jada F., HR- Danville

Congratulations Dr. Jaewon Ryu! We appreciate your leadership and look forward to our future! One Geisinger!

John S., GHP Sales- Center Point

Congratulations on your new role! Best wishes as you continue to move this organization to new heights.

Ashley M., GMC Danville

Congratulations on the appointment!

Brenda O., GHP

Congrats Dr. Ryu!

Andrea W., Emergency Medicine

You are on your way to doing some great things indeed. Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

Valerie S., CSO- Center Point

Congratulations! So glad to see the system promotes from within! It sets a GREAT example.

Eileen, Buckhorn

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu! Keep on breaking those brackets!

Patrick, Danville



Congratulations Dr. Ryu!!

Christine Heiss, Danville

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

Ashley, Northeast Region


Maria, wpll2

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! I look forward to seeing you continue to take us to great heights!

Amy M., Danville - GOBI

Congratulations Dr Ryu!! Very happy to hear the great news.

Laura M., Geisinger NE

It is wonderful news to have you be our new President and CEO! The work that you have done so far in our organization has been phenomenal and we look forward to a great future with you at the helm. Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

Gayle , Danville

Congrats! Ready to see what the future holds.

Tyler M., Mountain Top

Congratulations to you as you continue to lead the organization into the ever changing future of Health Care!

Diane, Geisinger Holy Spirit

Thank you for all that you've done and will continue to do!!

Vito, K.

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! I look forward to your leadership as we continue to raise the bar for the delivery of cardiovascular care.

Best, Mark B., GWV

Congratulations to a new beginning, and making our work place a Number 1 place

Elisa E. C., Pediatric Surgery Dept.

Geisinger is a wonderful place to work and you will to continue to make it even better! Congrats - Well Deserved !

Suzanne, Central

Congratulations Dr. Ryu

Vicky K., Lewisburg Clinic


Sharon C. LPN, Grays Woods Family Practice


Erik O'C., Rheumatology

Congrats! We are so truly blessed you were chosen.

Cristina Z., Medicine Institute

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! Looking forward to more great things for our patients and the future of our organization!

Donna P., Division of Quality & Safety

Congratulations on your appointment!

G. Scott A., MD, FACS, Geisinger-Lewistown

Congrats! Here's to many years of success and I'm excited that you will continue to lead Geisinger in many great things!

Michele L., GHP

I'm so happy for you and for us. Thanks to you for continuing to share your talents with our great healthcare system.

Jonathan, Janet Weis Children's Hospital

Congratulations! Wishing you the best of luck in this endeavor!

Jean Marie A., Geisinger Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine 3 W Olive St Scranton, PA

congratulations on your achievement welcome aboard. It will be nice working with you.

Cindy F., food services

Wishing you well in your new role as our CEO.

Janae, Danville

We are so glad you are able to stay with us. We look forward to working with you as you lead us forward toward excellence in healthcare

Valerie, GMC

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! Thank you for your dedication to Geisinger and our continued success!

Mandy D., Geisinger Health Plan

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to working under your leadership.

Angela W., System Services - JustinDr II

Congratulations and wishing you all the best!!!

Bhishma, New Jersey

Dr. Ryu, Congratulations to you in your new capacity! We wish you all the best!

Szu-Ping T., ISS Solutions Clinical Engineering

Congratulations and I know you will do a wonderful job as CEO. Continued success!

Deb D., Danville

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

Tiara C., Justin Drive II

Congratulations on your new adventure as CEO. God Bless you

Rhonda G., Geisinger-Lewistown

Congratulations! Happy, and excited to see how you will guide us in the future.

Lois, GHP

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu! It's great that you were selected to lead us! All the best to you!

Randy, Buckhorn

I am so glad that you are taking this position and look forward to more good things for Geisinger patients and staff going forwards.

Gary B., Danville

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! Thank you for all you do for community medicine and our patients.

Christian S., MD, Geisinger Pottsville

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu! Wishing you the best with your new appointment!

Monna H., Geisinger Nurse-Family Partnership

Keep up the good work!

Bret B., Danville

Geisinger is in good hands!

Diane, Danville

Congradulations!! So excited for you & can't wait to meet you!!

Pam P., GMC Milton


Janis W., GCSOM

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! I'm really looking forward to continuing to work with you in Community Medicine and I'm excited for what the future brings.

Jennifer L., Grays Woods

Congrats Dr. Ryu! I was excited to hear you mention efforts to continue innovating in the digital/mobile communication space as this is a large part of my research efforts here so far. Looking forward to seeing where you take Geisinger next!

Tara, Lewistown

Congratulations, looking forward to the future with Geisinger.

Brenda M., GWV

Congratulations. I look forward to working with you and your team.

Janet S., Glenmaura


Brett, GMC

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu! No surprise from us in ID to have you at the helm. We look forward to working together even more. The future is bright!

Stan M., Geisinger Medical Center


Tom U., Mount Pocono Eye Institute

Congrats Dr. Ryu, we are excited for your continued leadership and inspiration!

Cynthia, Danville

Congratulations on you new endeavor. May God be with you in every decision you consider. Good Luck!

Lester M., Supply Chain


Pamela G., Plastic, Harrisburg


Cindy, Danville

Congratulations! Looking forward to another great year committed to Geisinger's values under your leadership!

Vida A., Research, Danville


Jasmine, Danville

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! Thank you for always supporting our initiatives within Women's! We wish you the best of luck!

Sean S., Women's Health

You've done fantastic work here at Geisinger so far, cannot wait to see where you lead us in the future!! Congratulations :)

Miranda G., GLH

Congratulations Dr. Jaewon Ryu!

HSR, Danville, PA

I have heard great things about you and want to congratulate you. Dr. Hood and Dr. Steel were awesome leaders as I think you will be also.

Chris P., PEDS Flex

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu. Very excited to be a part of this team and to see just how far Geisinger will go under your leadership.

Jeanne L., Wilkes-Barre

Congratulations!!! I am truly thankful to work for an outstanding organization and look forward to all you have to offer Geisinger.

Jess H., Mill Street

Congratulations to you! I'm very pleased with your appointment and am excited that you will be leading us for the foreseeable future!

Elisabeth G., Lock Haven

Congratulations!!! Woohooo!

Sharon, GLH

Jaewon, Congrats and good luck on leading our organization in these great communities we serve.

Joe S., DO, GCMC CT surgery

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu!

Amy C., GHP, CenterPoint, Pittston

Dr. Ryu, Congratulations! We look forward to your continued leadership and are excited where we can take Gesinger under your leadership!

Tom L., Danville

Wonderful News! Congratulations!

Peggie Q., Mill Street

Congratulations Dr Ryu, looking forward to meeting you.

Judy C., Pearsall Heart Hospital, GWV

Jaweon, Congratulations on the all deserved appointment. I look forward to watching you patient focused leadership.

Andy F., Danville

Congratulations Dr. Ryu. Look forward working under your leadership.

Pragya D., GCMC


Margaret N., Geisinger Centerpoint


Erica W., Geisinger Tiadaghton

Congratulations - well deserved

Angie M., System


Heather S.m, GWV ED

Congratulations well deserved. I'm happy that the board selected someone in our local community to lead our organization. Best of Luck and God Bless.

April A, GHP - Provider CSST

Congratulations! I'm thrilled that you will continue to lead Geisinger.

Linda H., Digital Print and Mail Center

May the sky be the limit!!! Congratulations!

Melissa M., Center Point

Congratulations! Dr. Ryu. Thrilled to have you leading us on our great mission. Look forward to seeing you at the Medical School.

Sincerely, Trent C, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

Dr. Ryu... Congratulations on your appointment. Your collaborative spirit, embracing of the education mission and your insight are inspiring. I look forward to the continued journey under your expertise and vision for Geisinger!!


Congratulations, Dr. Ryu!!! Looking forward to working under your leadership and most importantly finding innovative new ways to serve our communities, families and most importantly our patients!!

David J., Justin Drive II

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! I have no doubt that you will continue to lead Geisinger to be successful in caring for our patients, members and all of the Geisinger family!

Marissa M. S., GHP Operations

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

Caanen C., Geisinger Holy Spirit

Congratulations! The choice was obvious, your approach and personality are a winning combination in concert with your previous work history , clearly the best man for the job!

Corinne K., GSACH

Congratulations, Dr Ryu. Well-deserved and Great person to continue to lead us all!

Patti, Wilkes Barre

Congratulations on your appointment! I am excited to have you at our helm and look forward to all the great things that are to come.

Kim H., Justin Drive II

Congrats Dr. Ryu! So happy to continue to work with you.

Linda V., Danville


Glenda B. RN Case Managment, Lock Haven Family Practice

Congratulations to you.

Angela K., BOB

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu! I look forward to the opportunity to work more closely with you as we engage our communities in philanthropy to support Geisinger.

Robin E., Foundation

Dr. Ryu, Thank you for your support of educational programs and pediatric dentistry! I am excited to see what you bring to this position. Congratulations!

Natalie S., Pediatric Dentistry, GMC, Milton

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu! I look forward to your continued leadership. I'm sure there are great changes to come.

Jessica M., Mill Street

Congratulations! Make it Best!

Bill, Danville


Loraine, adult urgent care south wilkes barre

Congratulations on being the 7th CEO within 104 Years of Geisinger! Wishing you well and appreciate everything you will do for the company of Geisinger. Thank you Dr. Jaewon Ryu!

Jennifer H., Geisinger HS Peds Mechanicsburg

Congratulations Dr. Ryu I look forward to all the great things you will lead Geisinger to in the years to come

Brian W., Justin Drive 1

Congrats Dr. Ryu! Very happy to see you appointed as CEO. Looking forward to seeing what all you'll do in this role. No pressure!

Gail, Avoca

Congratulations on your appointment as CEO!! Praying God will use you to serve Him in this position :) God Bless!!

Jeanie W., IRB

Congratulations and God Bless You on your journey.

Lori Jo S., ED


Lisa Z., GWV

Happy to hear a true leader got the position. Excited to see what improvements will take place for Geisinger family and patients.

Cindy, Buckhorn Bldg.

I know our future with geisinger is in good hands

Diane, Danville

Welcome, new President! I know you will do your best to continue making Geisinger the best. Please come by and see our very small, but very important program here at the Vitaline Building!

Lesley M., HCQU, Vitaline Building

Enjoy the ride!! Do your best and have fun. Congratulations!!

Sue H., BOB

Congratulations on your new position.

Cheryl, O


Melissa, Holy Spirit

Congratulations, I look forward to learning more about your vision and leadership.

Carmen Rosa K., Justin Drive II Danville

Congrats Dr. Ryu!!

Gwen B., GHP

Good luck and continued success in leading us

Tim, Danville

Thank you for everything you have done to grow our organization!! Without you, I am not sure I would have had the opportunity to build the team that I have.

Marilee K., GHP

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! Well deserved! I look forward to working many years with you under your direction! Thank you.

Charlene A., Geisinger Health Foundation

Wishing you the all the best in your new role as CEO.

Harriet S., Legal Services


Joseph F., GCMC Cancer Center

Congratulations! Well deserved!

Crystal R., Danville

Congrats Dr. Ryu. We should be honored here at Geisinger to have you accept this appointment to President and CEO. Looking forward to your leadership.

Gerald G., GHP - Woodbine Lane

Congratulations, welcome aboard the Geisinger Family.

Jessica, Gesinger Richfield

Congratulations! Wishing you nothing but the best on your appointment! We are one big family and it will be a pleasure to work with you.

Joann L., Glenmaura Professional Billing

You are the right man for the job. You have done a wonderful interim job and I can't wait to see what you do on your own!!

Cheryl M., Danville


Tammy E., RT(R)(M), Geisinger Viewmont Imaging

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu! I'm thrilled that you were appointed to be our new CEO. Well deserved. I am looking forward to the future of Geisinger under your leadership.

Rebecca, Pittston


John R., Montoursville GI

Congratulations!! This is wonderful for you and even better for us!

Kristin, GHP

Congratulations on becoming permanent in your role as CEO

Cindy M., Revenue Cycle

Congratulations on your appointment . I wish you many years of success and good health for all.

Janet D., Pittston,Pa

Dr. Ryu, Congratulations and Best wishes!

Kim A., Glrnmaura

Since I have joined the GHP Team, I have been impressed by you. You were a great selection and I look forward to being part of making your vision a reality.

Terry C., GHP Government Programs


Thomas C., GJSH

Congratulations! We are all looking very forward to working with you!

BethAnn P., HCN-GHP

Congratulations. I am happy to have you as our new leader

Louise L., GHP-Hughes Center North

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu! I'm honored to have you as our CEO/President and can't wait to see all the amazing things you will help Geisinger accomplish.

Samantha L., Marketing and Communications, Mill st Danville

Congratulations! We can't wait to see where you will lead us!

Gabriel M., Mill Street

Congratulations Dr. Ryu.

Valerie, Danville

I am super excited that you were chosen as the permanent President and CEO. I hope to work more closely with you in the future. Congratulations!!!

John R., GHP, Community Health Services


Bradley B., Geisinger Shamokin Emergency Department

Congratulations Jaewon ...we look forward to continuing the fun and important work ahead!

Scott K., GCSOM

Congratulations. It's about time this happened. I'm very happy for you and for Geisinger.

Gloria K , Center Point, Pittston

We look forward to your leadership in moving Geisinger to the next level in our journey towards excellence and fulfilling Abigail's challenge of making Geisinger the world's best health care system.

Kevin J., Montour Street Office Building

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu! You have done an outstanding job in the interim and will be a great leader moving forward!!

Ashley S., GMG Lycoming


Tammy, Geisinger Cold Springs

Dr. Ryu, congratulations on your appointment! I know there will be an abundance of positive opportunities for Geisinger under your leadership.

Debra M. PhD, MSN, CRNA, GMC Annex Nurse Anesthesia Program

Congratulations Dr. Ryu! I look forward to great things coming in the future with you at the helm!

Jane M., Kistler Clinic


Diane G., MyVisit Glenmaura

Congrats!!!!! I am certain with your leadership, we are headed for great things !

Wendy L., Geisinger

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu! Wishing you continued success in this new step of your career.

Jayne B., Danville

Dr. Ryu, I am so glad to hear that you are staying with us as CEO. I have been hearing a lot of good things about your work with the system. I am a long time employee and feel confident that your work will continue to enhance our organization.

Mary D., Digital Print and Mail Center

Many congratulations!! It was a great pleasure seeing this news this morning.

Ajay S., Geisinger Holy Spirit


Lori F., Montoursville Gastroenterology

Congrats, I know you will do great in this position.



Elizabeth, GWV

Congratulations, Dr. Ryu!


Congratulations Dr. Ryu, Everyone at The Print Shop was pulling for you!

Wayne E., Print Shop

So glad the Board made the right choice.

Dean C., GHP Medical Director

Congratulations on the position. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the Geisinger Family. Enjoy your new Position. Awesome news

Lisa M., Grays Woods

Congrats Dr. Ryu! I am very happy for you. Looking forward to having you continue to lead our organization. You have done an excellent job in your interim role. Thanks for all that you do!

Ed S., GMC Neuroscience

Congratulations Dr. Ryu!

Laura P., BOB

Congratulations on your appointment as our new CEO! I look forward to ongoing growth and progress of our organization under your leadership!

Kimberly M., MD, Geisinger LIFE Lewistown

Dear Dr. Ryu,

We are excited you will continue to lead Geisinger and are looking forward to everything you bring to the organization.

- Lyndsey, Danville

Congratulations! You are the best candidate for the job!

- Will M, Millstreet

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