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Olivia Decker

Heroes, right here.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, and are right here in our communities, tackling one of the greatest challenges modern healthcare has ever faced.

Read, watch and listen to their stories.

The phlebotomist who, after a long shift at the hospital, spends her free time cooking and delivering hot meals to seniors and truck drivers. A physical therapy assistant plucked from her normal duties and redeployed to screen her friends and neighbors in a tent outside the ER. The environmental services workers who sanitize, disinfect and deep-clean our hospitals and clinics, putting their own health at risk in the process.

We’re surrounded every day by heroes.

Whether you’re locked down in a self-quarantine, you’re directly caring for friends and family or you’re out there on the front lines screening and educating our communities — we’re all connected at this moment in history. Together, we move through these unsettling and unprecedented times — and together, we will come out stronger on the other side.

In honor of those working tirelessly to get us through the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re sharing the stories of our heroes and the incredible work they do. 
Here are a few — among the countless we’re surrounded by — who work endlessly inside and outside our hospitals’ walls bringing hope and better health to our communities. Each and every day.
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Dr. Sharma

A glimpse into the ICU

When it comes to caring for the most severely ill patients with COVID-19, intensive care teams around the world are on the front lines. Here’s how one ICU doctor manages to find peace amidst a global pandemic.

Dan Bisset

COVID-19 survivor gets heartfelt send-off

Daniel Bisset never expected to be one of Geisinger’s first coronavirus patients. But after 24 days — and a 0% to 5% chance of survival — he was finally able to leave the hospital and reunite with his family.

Shauna Pearson

Long live heroes: Athletic trainers take to the front lines

Sidelined from their normal duties of helping athletes heal and get back in the game, certified athletic trainers spring into action on the COVID-19 front lines.

face mask

The power of 3D printing: From raw material to protecting our front lines

The 3D printing lab at Geisinger is already an amazing team — now instead of producing models of organs, they’re creating devices to keep our teams safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gretchen Ramsey

Keeping things positive for patients and staff

Patient experience director Gretchen Ramsey’s role has a new twist: Making sure patients and hospital staff feel well-cared for.

Shahida Fareed

Telemedicine. Helping us keep it together while we’re apart.

To help her patients feel more connected even though they’re isolated at home, one clinical psychologist has developed a behavioral activation program with the help of telemedicine.

Pragya Dhaubhadel

Long live heroes: Life in self-quarantine

They’re specialty-trained in the very thing keeping them apart from everyone else. Two infectious diseases specialists exposed to COVID-19 share their 14 days in self-quarantine, including how they kept their families safe.