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Bone cancer and sarcomas

Bone cancer and sarcomas are cancers that start in the bones and soft tissue. Geisinger helps you get specialized care close to home. We have an orthopedic surgeon who has completed formal training (a fellowship) in treating bone cancer and sarcomas.

  • Sarcomas (sometimes called soft-tissue sarcomas) form in different types of tissue, including muscles, fat and nerves.
  • Bone cancer includes cancers that start in bone tissue.

What you should know about bone cancer and sarcomas

  • There are more than 50 different types of sarcoma. Each type acts differently in the way the cancer cells grow and how they respond to treatment.
  • Bone cancer is rare and accounts for fewer than one in 100 of all cancers.

Why choose Geisinger for your bone cancer and sarcoma care?

  • Specialized care: For complex cancers involving your arms or legs, care at Geisinger can help you keep your limbs and maintain normal function. We are one of the few programs in the region specializing in treating bone cancer and sarcomas.
  • Convenience: Our bone cancer and sarcoma clinic helps you receive care from specialists in radiation therapy, cancer surgery and chemotherapy in one visit. We are often able to conduct sophisticated tests, such as taking a tissue sample (biopsy), during your clinic visit instead of scheduling a separate procedure. When a separate biopsy procedure is necessary, we are often able to perform it within one week.
  • Innovative treatments: Our active participation in cancer research gives you access to new therapies that are not widely available. These therapies include new surgical techniques. Learn more about cancer clinical trials.

Get care for bone cancer and sarcomas

Treatment options

Our large team of bone cancer and sarcoma specialists works together to personalize treatments for rare and common cancers.

  • Chemotherapy
  • Clinical trials
  • Radiation therapy
  • 3-D conformal radiation therapy (3-D CRT)
  • Brachytherapy
  • Surgery
  • Targeted therapy

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