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Our specialists use cancer-fighting drugs (chemotherapy) to destroy tumors. The drugs have chemicals that interfere with cancer cells’ ability to multiply. There are more than 100 different chemotherapy drugs. We select the ones that are best for you based on the type of cancer and how quickly it’s growing.

We use a variety of techniques to deliver chemotherapy, including:

  • Pills you take by mouth
  • A special tube (catheter) to deliver drugs through the spinal cord or a vein
  • Injections that send drugs directly into muscle or tissue

What you should know about chemotherapy

  • Our team includes doctors who specialize in chemotherapy (medical oncologists).
  • Geisinger also has oncologists with specializations in specific types of cancer, such as neuro-oncologists for brain tumors.

Why choose Geisinger for chemotherapy?

  • Innovative treatments: Cancer research at Geisinger gives you access to leading-edge cancer care. Our oncologists participate in clinical trials testing new chemotherapy drugs and combinations of drugs that are not widely available. Participating in a clinical trial may help you get better if other treatments aren’t working. Find out more about cancer clinical trials.
  • Personalized care: We take extra steps to tailor treatments to meet your medical needs and personal preferences. If you have gynecologic cancer, the same small team of specialists manages your care, tailoring each treatment to meet your unique needs. We make sure treatments are working and plan the next steps in your care. Learn more about gynecologic cancer
  • Convenience and comfort: Recent renovations at some of our clinics include new chemotherapy chairs. We now offer heated seats and individual TVs to help you stay comfortable during treatment. The additional chairs also make it easier to get care at times that are convenient for your schedule.

Treats these conditions

Our oncologists meticulously plan every aspect of your care, giving you the best chance for successful treatment.

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