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Brain aneurysm

A brain aneurysm, or a cerebral aneurysm, is a bulge or a weakness in the wall of one of your brain’s arteries. At Geisinger, we can treat all types of brain aneurysms, including complex, life-threatening ones. A brain aneurysm often doesn’t have symptoms, especially if the aneurysm is small.

If the aneurysm fills with blood and grows larger, it may push on the nerve and cause symptoms such as headaches. If the aneurysm ruptures (bursts), it is known as a brain hemorrhage. You will need immediate treatment.

What you should know about a brain aneurysm

  • Brain aneurysms are a bit more common in women than in men but can happen at any age. Aneurysms may have a genetic component. High blood pressure is also a risk factor. 
  • People often describe a brain hemorrhage as “the worst headache of my life.” It may also cause nausea and vomiting, and loss of consciousness. Our goal in treating ruptured aneurysms is to stop the bleeding as quickly as possible.

Why choose Geisinger for brain aneurysm care? 

  • We handle the most complex cases: We treat patients with brain aneurysms of all sizes. Some aneurysms are more difficult to manage, particularly if there has been a rupture. Our team uses the latest three-dimensional imaging equipment to detect aneurysms. This allows surgeons to deliver fast and effective assessments and implement an appropriate and aggressive treatment plan.
  • We offer multiple ways to treat: We treat aneurysms both surgically, called "clipping," and nonsurgically, called "coiling." We also provide our patients with the latest treatment innovations, like the PulseRider device. With this technology, our surgeons can perform a nonsurgical procedure preventing a brain aneurysm from growing larger and potentially reduce the need for additional procedures. We offer a multitude of treatment options for aneurysm. Learn more about cerebrovascular surgery.
  • We’re a trauma center and a stroke center: We are able to provide emergency care for patients with brain hemorrhages. Our combined excellence of having Comprehensive Stroke Centers and Primary Stroke Centers in our system, as well as trauma centers, ensures our patients receive the best care and expertise from the simple to most complex and difficult cases. We have the resources to care for brain aneurysm and stroke patients 24/7. Learn more about stroke care at Geisinger.

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