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Cancer support

A cancer diagnosis can feel overwhelming, but our team is here for you. We offer services that make life with cancer a little easier on you and your family. These services, along with a genuine interest in your well-being, help you overcome challenges so you can focus on getting better.

Our services include:

  • Support groups where you receive encouragement from cancer survivors
  • A survivorship clinic to help you make a smooth transition back to daily life after treatment
  • Social workers who help you overcome challenges
  • Bedside reiki
  • Yoga classes offered at the House of Care

What you should know about cancer support

  • Our support services help you cope with changes in your daily life, including physical changes and new routines.
  • We lend a caring ear to help you make difficult medical decisions and get back on your feet after treatment.

Why choose Geisinger for cancer support?

  • Dedicated support: Many of our programs, including our breast cancer program, have a dedicated nurse navigator. Our navigators work with you before your first appointment to make sure we have all the necessary information for a good visit. Navigators also answer questions and coordinate the next steps in your care. If you need to see other specialists, such as genetic counselors, we help you make appointments. Find out more about our breast cancer program.
  • From Cancer to Health™ program: Whether you are experiencing fear about your future or stress from missing work, this program helps you find ways to keep negative feelings at bay. We also help you adopt good habits, such as eating a healthy diet, which may help you feel better before and after cancer treatment.
  • Survivorship clinics: We are one of the few programs in the region offering survivorship clinics. These clinics deliver specialized care so you can feel more like your old self again. We help you overcome challenges such as pain from the side effects of treatment or anxiety about cancer coming back. Survivorship clinics are available for many types of cancer, including lung cancer.

Treats these conditions

Cancer treatment at Geisinger includes support services that make cancer care less stressful and everyday life a little easier.

Specialties and institutes

  • Cancer
  • Cancer treatment
  • Spiritual care

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