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Heartburn is uncomfortable and can make eating less enjoyable and interrupt sleep. Heartburn occurring more than twice a week may be acid reflux, which can damage the throat and may lead to cancer.

The specialists at our Heartburn Clinic diagnose and treat heartburn using advanced procedures that often eliminate the need for heartburn medication.

What you should know about heartburn

  • Heartburn occurs when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus, the tube carrying food from the mouth to the stomach.
  • Heartburn is triggered in some people by certain foods or drinks, including spicy foods, fatty or fried foods, tomato products, chocolate, alcohol or carbonated beverages.

Why choose Geisinger for your heartburn care?

  • We offer the latest treatment techniques for heartburn, including the minimally invasive and highly successful Stretta® procedure that can reduce or eliminate the need for heartburn medication.
  • We offer the 48-hour Bravo™ test for patients suffering from acid reflux-related conditions.

Treatment options for heartburn conditions

Heartburn can be uncomfortable or painful, which is why we offer:

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