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Learn how liposuction can help you look and feel your best.

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery that removes excess fat pockets from different areas of your body including your thighs, hips, buttocks, upper arms, stomach and back. Our skilled cosmetic surgeons often combine liposuction with other body contouring procedures such as a thigh lift or tummy tuck to best meet your needs.

While liposuction is an effective fat reduction and body shaping procedure, it is not intended as an alternative to weight loss or management. If you’re 80 to 100 pounds overweight, you may be a candidate for bariatric surgery.

Before choosing which type of liposuction is right for you, you’ll have a consultation with one of our specially trained surgeons. They’ll listen to your goals, discuss your options and answer all your questions.

What are the different types of liposuction?

All liposuction procedures use a technique to break up fat before removing it. A thin tube called a cannula is inserted through a small incision and used to remove the fat.

Our surgeons offer two types of liposuction procedures and will work with you to determine your best option. These include:

  • Suction-assisted liposuction: Local anesthesia is injected into the treatment area to minimize discomfort, and the cannula is used to remove the fat.
  • Vaser® Lipo: Ultrasonic waves liquify the fat cells allowing easy removal with suction-assisted liposuction.

While it removes fat cells permanently, liposuction does not treat cellulite, stretch marks or dimpled or sagging skin.

Liposuction FAQs

How long is recovery from liposuction?

Most people can return to work just a few days after having liposuction. You also may be able to return to normal activities, including exercise, in one to two months.

Getting plenty of rest and following your surgeon’s recommendations will help you recover as quickly as possible from your surgery.

Are the results permanent?

While fat cells are permanently removed during liposuction, new fat cells can grow back. It’s important to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine after your surgery to maintain your results.

It’s also important to note that you’ll have some swelling immediately after your procedure, but this will subside in a few weeks.

Will I have any scars after the procedure?

To access pockets of fat, your surgeon will make small incisions. Scarring will vary depending on factors such as the number of incisions made in order to remove your unwanted fat.

Talk with your surgeon about the location of your incisions and options for minimizing the appearance of scars.

Cosmetic surgery at Geisinger

Our compassionate cosmetic surgery team has years of experience working with people to help them look and feel their best. We offer:

  • The knowledge you need – Your team is powered by surgeons with years of training and experience. Their expertise has been honed by performing many plastic surgery procedures. And their focus is on helping you look and feel your best. Our surgeons offer leading-edge treatment options and tailored-to-you care, backed by the expertise and innovation of a nationally recognized health system.
  • Care designed for you, where you live – With locations throughout northeast, central and south-central Pennsylvania, our experienced cosmetic surgery team provides consultations and comprehensive care. Find a location near me.
  • Safe, effective surgical care – Our surgeons use the latest research and recommendations to achieve the best possible outcomes. And their focus is on helping you look and feel your best.

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