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Multidisciplinary pain management program (MPP)

Our Multidisciplinary Pain Management is an innovative program educating people about alternative treatments for chronic pain. Our team is dedicated to incorporating various therapies that can help improve pain, with the goal of reducing the use of opioids (narcotics) for our patients.

This comprehensive program is taught by a team of pain medicine specialists. We are dedicated to incorporating different therapies that can help patients develop individual goals to reduce their pain. Topics included in this program include medication use and misuse, yoga, relaxation, behavioral pacing, stretching and movement, sleep hygiene and nutrition.

What you should know about the Multidisciplinary Pain Management Program (MPP):

  • The MPP takes a holistic approach to helping people manage pain. We look at all the different ways pain affects an individual, then help each person develop skill sets for coping with his or her particular challenges.

Why choose the Multidisciplinary Pain Management Program at Geisinger?

  • Comprehensive programming: The MPP is truly multidisciplinary, meaning patients and healthcare professionals work together. Pain is complex, and every person has a story. That's why our program provides a range of coping skills, therapies and practical approaches, including:
  • New hope for chronic pain sufferers: This program offers new hope to people who have been living with chronic pain for years. We have seen firsthand how it changes people’s lives, helps them get back to enjoying many of their favorite activities and even restores relationships that have been affected.
  • Excellent outcomes: Initial data from the program shows an increase in patients’ quality of life through improved depression, decreased pain and improved functionality. At the same time, patients have a 20 percent decrease in total cost of care.
  • Helps reduce dependence on pain medication: Pain medication is available for MPP participants, but it isn’t the focus. Our specialists can help manage medication therapies, but don't necessarily provide medication for treatment. We are committed to reducing the system-wide dependence on opioid (narcotic) painkillers and have found other therapies can be just as effective. We have shown an overall reduction in a patient’s pain levels while reducing opioid usage by over 20 percent.

Treats these conditions

The Multidisciplinary Pain Program teaches a variety of pain management skills, and offers therapies that help reduce pain from conditions such as:

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