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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

Pediatric ENT

Ear, nose and throat care for your child

Pediatric ear, nose and throat (ENT) care

From routine care to specialized procedures, we’re here. Our compassionate, skilled pediatric ENT team provides a wide range of care and the support your child needs.

What is otolaryngology?

Otolaryngology is a medical specialty that focuses on treating conditions of the ears, nose and throat, as well as conditions affecting the head and neck. 

Otolaryngologists are often referred to as ear, nose and throat doctors, or ENTs for short.

Conditions we treat

If your child needs treatment for chronic ear infections, tinnitus, sinusitis or allergies, you want the very best care for them. And we do, too.
Our pediatric ENT team treats a variety of conditions, including:
  • Allergies
  • Balance disorders
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Diseases of the larynx
  • Ear infections
  • Enlarged tonsils and adenoids
  • Head and neck tumors
  • Nasal obstruction due to deviated septum
  • Placement of ear tubes, hearing aids and cochlear implants
  • Sinus conditions
  • Sore throats
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Voice and swallowing conditions

World-class care in your neighborhood

With Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital located in Danville and many offices throughout Pennsylvania, exceptional care for your child is never far from home.

  • Our cochlear implant team will work with you and your child to help them decide if an implantable hearing device is right for them.
  • If your child needs treatment for a voice or swallowing condition, the Center for Voice and Swallowing will develop a treatment plan just for them.
  • Our experienced pediatric otolaryngologists have treated many children with cleft lip and cleft palate disorders. And their focus is on delivering the best care suited to your child’s needs, to help them focus on what’s important — being a kid.

Meet the team

Your child’s needs are different than someone else’s; their care should be, too. Our team of compassionate, skilled pediatric ear, nose and throat specialists come together to develop a personalized plan built around your child’s unique needs. Their ENT team consists of:

  • Pediatric otolaryngologists
  • Audiologists
  • Behavioral health and developmental medicine specialists
  • Speech and language pathologists
  • Social workers
  • Dental medicine specialists
  • Plastic surgeons
  • Pediatric genetic disorder specialists
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