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ADMI team

With such an extraordinary combination of specialties, we're changing the approach to how developmental disorders are diagnosed, managed and treated. 

ADMI leadership

Christa Lese Martin,  PhD

c martin

Thomas Challman,  MD

t challman
Medical Director


Yvonne Knight Lauren Walsh

Cherise Yablonsky

Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics

Thomas Challman, MD Kathryn Oetjens, CRNP
Medical Director
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Kristen Douglass, PA-C Monisa Wagner, PA-C

Abigail Gesselman, PA-C Matthew Weeks, MD

Scott Myers, MD  
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Medical Genetics/Genomics

Jamie Atondo Marina DiStefano, PhD

Brenda Finucane Alexis Heidlebaugh
Associate Director
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Claire Jones Melissa Kelly

Christa Lese Martin,  PhD Alexis Morgan
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Matthew Oetjens, PhD Erin Rooney Riggs

Juliann Savatt Rebecca Smith

Natasha Strande, PhD Maddie Williamson

Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Science

Christopher Chabris, PhD Heidi Fisher, PhD

Barbara Haas-Givler, MEd Rachel Hessert, PhD

Cora Taylor, PhD Aidan Sandhoefner
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Child Psychiatry

Sapneesh Jatana, MD

Speech-Language Pathology

Marissa Mitchel, MS  Julie Miller

Alexandra Kester

Nursing/Phlebotomy and support

Angela Fleming, LPN Kara Houtz

Janice Farnsworth  Gwynne Long

Neuroimaging and Informatics

Andres Moreno De Luca, MD Vanessa Troiani, PhD


Tristan Nelson Phillip Weller

Family & community support

Donna Welsh

[No text in field]

Marvin Braun, MD                  Eric Strong, MD                                      Anne Marie Morse, DO

Pediatric Genetics

Gary Bellus, MD, PhD Andrea Seeley, MD

Staff scientists

Alexander Berry, PhD Antoinette DiCriscio, PhD

Hermela Shimelis, PhD

Project managers

Kaitlyn Singer Lauren Walsh

Research data analysts

Donielle Beiler

Project coordinators

Karahlyn Holdren Autumn Swan

Curtis Weaver

Postdoctoral fellows & students

Angela Abril Zuñiga, MD Pedro Gonzalez Mantilla, MD

Hermon Kweon, PhD

Research assistants

Alec Beck Bryanna Van Houte

Jaren Whisler Allison Rossel

Ineke Cordova

Administrative support staff and scheduling

Christy Gower Marie Keller

Brianne Palmer Nancy Stolarick

Kathleen Ziants Tracie Lesher

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