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Geisinger program helps Joan Marie Roth live her best life

The LIFE Geisinger program is the best thing that ever happened to her.

Through comprehensive daily living and health services, LIFE Geisinger lets older adults keep living at home, even though they qualify for nursing home care.

“They do whatever they can do to help you stay in your home and not go into a nursing home,” says Joan Marie Roth, 72, of Tamaqua, Pa.

Though she has congestive heart failure, back problems and arthritis, Ms. Roth lives in her own apartment. She visits the LIFE Geisinger center in Minersville twice a week for exercise, recreation and lunch. And she says their physical therapy program is the best she’s ever had. LIFE Geisinger also provides her medications and transportation to doctor’s appointments. 

The staff even helps Ms. Roth with chores at home she has trouble doing, like vacuuming and cleaning the bathtub.

“They have the best people working for them, and you feel like they care about you,” Ms. Roth says. “I know it's a job for them, but they don't act like it's a job.”

The center’s social aspects have been a great help to her. She runs one of the exercise programs, plays games and does arts and crafts.

Looking after her physical health and well-being

On the medical side, doctors and other providers are always accessible at LIFE Geisinger. 

“There's always someone there to see if you're having any kind of problems,” says Ms. Roth. “Once a week, they check our blood pressure and our weight and everything to make sure. So, they're looking after you.”

She was thrilled that LIFE Geisinger covered her cataract surgery and paid for her hearing aids. Before joining the program a few years ago, Ms. Roth had worried about paying all her medical bills. She didn’t want to burden her daughter with her financial obligations. All her medical care has been paid for under the program.

“It took all the worries off my shoulders. I always worried that what if I got really sick and ended up in the hospital, how was I going to pay all those bills?” she says. “So just to know that any medical problem is going to be taken care of is just fantastic.”

She’s grateful that LIFE Geisinger has helped her keep doing the things she loves — especially teaching children at church.

“That's one of the hardest things I do, because the classroom is up all these steps, and I was getting to the point that I hardly could get up steps,” she says. “So, I think if I didn't have this program, I really would've gotten worse and not been able to do anything. And then what do you have?”

Luckily for Ms. Roth, she has independence — thanks to LIFE Geisinger.

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