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To get started with our Destination Medicine program for spine care, heart care or weight-loss surgery at Geisinger, follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Contact your health insurance provider to initiate a referral to Health Design Plus. You can reference Geisinger’s Employer Centers of Excellence Network (ECEN) benefit to help determine your eligibility.

Step 2:

Once we receive your referral, our patient coordinator will reach out to you to share information about our program at Geisinger, answer any questions you may have and have you complete the required paperwork to begin the process.

Step 3:

Our nurse navigator will work with you and your doctor at home to coordinate all presurgical requirements before you travel to Danville. Note that Geisinger will require a copy of your medical records and will need to request these from your doctor in advance. 

To expedite the process, you will need to fill out the following forms.

Authorization to release medical information

Authorization to request medical information from another facility

Step 4:

Depending on the medical care you’ll receive here at Geisinger, your lodging and travel may be fully covered. Once you have scheduled your care at Geisinger, you will need to contact Health Design Plus to discuss and arrange your ECEN benefits. 

Step 5:

Once your medical care is scheduled at Geisinger, our patient coordinator will help coordinate your stay and care here in Danville. Once you arrive, you’ll meet with your care team for a comprehensive evaluation. This may include lab work, a surgical consultation, and appointments with our behavioral health team and a nutritionist if you are undergoing bariatric surgery. 

For more information about lodging and the Danville area, read our travel guide.

Step 6:

Your care team at Geisinger will oversee your care until you are ready to be discharged from the hospital. After your release, our team will coordinate follow-up care with your doctor at home and follow up with phone calls to monitor your progression.
Destination Medicine
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