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The next generation of innovation at Geisinger

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The Steele Institute for Health Innovation

Driving real solutions through healthcare transformation

Innovation has been a long-standing core value throughout Geisinger. Our Steele Institute for Health Innovation forges a new generation of leading-edge solutions that slow rising costs, improve quality and increase access – driving change that stretches across our communities and beyond.

Our purpose and vision

The healthcare industry across the country needs real solutions that drive transformation. Here at Geisinger, the Steele Institute for Health Innovation has forged a dynamic healthcare solutions team, headed by leaders across our enterprise, that is rapidly developing innovative solutions to change healthcare.

What drives us? An unshakable commitment to deliver better care to our patients, our members, our students, our Geisinger family and our communities.

Our purpose is simple, but powerful – to lead the nation in building solutions that improve:

  • Health
  • Patient experience 
  • Care delivery 
  • Affordability

The next generation of innovation

The Steele Institute for Health Innovation’s capability to drive change and solve key health problems stands upon Geisinger’s foundation:

  • We are a national leader in driving change in healthcare.
  • We have the right structure to scale.
  • We have the right people and the right partners.
Karen Murphy

"At Geisinger, we’ve created our own definition of innovation. We view innovation as a fundamentally different approach to solving a problem that has quantifiable outcomes. All of our work is centered on trying to solve some of the biggest problems we have not only at Geisinger, but throughout the healthcare industry."

Karen Murphy, PhD, RN, Executive Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer and Founding Director of the Steele Institute for Health Innovation

Our pillars

The core work we do at the Steele Institute for Health Innovation is structured across four foundational pillars:

Steele Institute


Innovative approaches to improve the health and well-being of our communities
Steele Institute

Care delivery

Innovative care delivery models that improve quality and patient experience
Steele Institute


Economic approaches to reduce cost and improve quality of care
Steele Institute


Improves health outcomes negatively impacted by environmental factors

Our supporting teams

To support these four pillars and help us achieve our goals, the Steele Institute for Health Innovation engages with three development teams at Geisinger. These teams help enable strategies and support the translation of our work:
Product Innovation

Product Innovation team

Functions as an incubator, deploying design thinking, health information technology and human-centered design strategies to create and deliver enhanced value in healthcare.
Machine Learning

Machine Learning team

An interdisciplinary team that unites clinicians with engineers and computer scientists to solve some of healthcare’s most pressing issues and improve outcomes for our patients.
Data Enterprise

Data Enterprise team

Elevates the health system from a pioneer of new technologies to an industry leader in customer care using data management, analytics and governance.