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Informatics Team

Our Data Enterprise department is a support force that elevates the Geisinger enterprise from a pioneer of new technologies to an industry leader in customer care with Big Data.

Who we are

Geisinger is well-known in the healthcare community as a pioneer in data and analytics. Our health system has utilized the electronic health record system since 1996, and an electronic data warehouse (EDW) since 2008. Much of our daily and weekly operational reporting, as well as an abundance of ad hoc analytics, comes from the EDW.

To support this work, our Data Enterprise team focuses on three areas:

Data management

This component of the team ingests data from source systems such as Epic, Lawson, Cerner and KeyHIE, and then processes, cleans and normalizes the data into a comprehensive model. Data management provides advanced analytical tools and support, such as artificial neural networks (ANNs), machine learning (self-correcting ANNs) and natural language processing and visualization. It also provides discovery, development and operational support for the unified data architecture environment.

Business Intelligence Advanced Analytics

Enterprise information management is responsible for several functions within the Data Enterprise team, including creating and maintaining all reports and dashboards. It is responsible for Epic internal reporting and is the entry point and operational home for the Analytics Center of Excellence. This component also creates specialized databases for reporting and analytics from the Geisinger data lake and provides consulting services around data-driven programs and visualizations.

Data governance

This third element of Data Enterprise ensures the quality of the data used in all reports and analytics. Data governance clearly defines metrics, sources and algorithms for all reports and dashboards, as well as provides process, guidance and oversight of data access and usage to be sure we follow regulatory, policy and best practice guidelines. It is responsible for executing the master data management programs, such as provider data; for working on data literacy; and for supporting data-driven program consulting.

Data Enterprise also includes enterprise architects — knowledge experts in all facets of technology (e.g., business modeling, infrastructure, end-user, integration) who assist in new technology implements or complex systems development. Its software development team develops mobile, application and web-based software.

What we do

In work that supports all four of the Steele Institute for Health Innovation's foundational pillars, the Data Enterprise team maintains, digests and leverages healthcare analytics to:

  • Improve quality of care
  • Grow financial and operational effectiveness
  • Oversee innovative research 
  • Succeed in population health management 

Through data mining and information management, we seek to build a replicable model that can aid other healthcare systems in improving patient outcomes, controlling costs and impactful decision-making methods.

Our leadership team

  • David Vawdrey, PhD, Chief Data Informatics Officer
  • Ben Hohmuth, MD, Chief Medical Informatics Officer
  • Greg Strevig, Vice President of Enterprise Analytics
  • Ilirjan Decka, Vice President of Data Management
  • Andrea Shapiro, MHA, Associate Vice President of Informatics Strategy
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