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Industry Partnerships

What we do

  • Landscape review: Identify key objectives and values
  • Market assessment: Identify opportunities and risks while providing perspective
  • Optimization and recommendation: Objective alignment, business case and ancillary benefits
  • Execution: Support negotiations, roadmaps and governance

Partnerships and Collaborations

EDGE: Reinventing respiratory disease management

Designed and developed by patients and Geisinger Pulmonary Medicine, EGDE is an innovative system of care designed as a personal companion for those who want to better manage their asthma. Our product suite allows patients to better understand their asthma by connecting directly to their EHR and uses real-time EHR connections while sharing important metrics that interface directly with patients’ care teams, extending care beyond the exam room. Available on Apple and Google Play app stores, visit EDGE for more information.

Anticipatory Management Program: Providing a 360-degree view of gaps in care

Our Anticipatory Management Program (AMP) is a redesigned model of care at Geisinger that assists our care teams in care delivery by providing a 360-degree, patient-centric view of relevant gaps in care in an actionable, concise, and interactive format, embedded directly in the care team’s workflow within the electronic health record (EHR).

MedTrue: Putting patients and providers on the same page with medications

MedTrue™ integrates different medication data sources to assist with medication reconciliation and adherence. Embedded directly within the EHR and in the healthcare provider’s workflow for optimal use of clinical and patient-reported data during patient appointments, MedTrue™ provides a patient—and healthcare team—verified medication list.

Family Caregiver Application: Improving patient communication and care coordination

Targeting family caregivers, Family Caregiver Application utilizes patient-reported and health data from the electronic health record to integrate with existing patient portal functions and enable caregivers to coordinate care for their dependents. Intended to bring a patient’s life outside healthcare directly into their care coordination, Family Caregiver Application is interoperable across Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)-supporting platforms. Learn more at Family Caregiver Application.

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