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Customer Support & Sales

Meet the Customer Support Team

The Customer Support Team, led by Senior Operations Director Christine S. Pirillo, DHA, MSM, FACHDM, PMP, consists of three separate areas of responsibility that work closely together to provide outstanding service. The laboratory professionals who staff these areas are client support specialists, client services representatives and the clinic off-site phlebotomy staff. 

In addition to the contact center, customer support, clinic and off-site phlebotomy, Chris is also responsible for administrative oversight of the laboratory sales force and the phlebotomy and medical laboratory science schools. 

Christine Pirillo

Client Support Specialists

The GML Client Support Specialists are trained medical laboratory scientists with a minimum of five years’ technical experience.  As a client, a client support specialist is assigned to you based on geography and practice type. 

The client support specialist comes to your office and trains your staff to use our services. One of his or her most important roles is that of customer advocate.  Your client support specialist is your liaison with the laboratory for any issues or concerns.

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Kellee Corra, BS, MT (ASCP)

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Jamie Fredericks, BS, MT (ASCP)

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Rheta Mullen, BS, MT

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Lynn Prebola, BS, MT (ASCP)

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Patrick Sassani, MT, HHS

Kellie Soberick Eyer

Kellie Soberick-Eyer

Client Services Representatives

The Client Service Contact Center is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. 

Each month, the contact center receives over 10,000 incoming and makes 6,000 outgoing calls. The dedicated professionals in the contact center provide a critical service to you, our customer. 

Calls received include requests for specimen pick-ups, laboratory results (hard copy, verbal, fax), collection and processing requirements, home phlebotomy and nursing home collections, laboratory supplies and add-on testing (adding tests to previously submitted specimens).

Outgoing calls from the contact center include courier dispatch and calling of laboratory results (e.g., critical values and special requests). The Customer Support Team also works closely with our GML courier network to meet the needs of our customers. Communication between the courier staff and the Customer Support Dispatcher is carried out with state-of-the art dispatching software. When you require a pickup, this enables the dispatcher to send detailed directions and information to the courier on the road.

The Client Services Reps use a variety of information systems as resources to provide the answers to your questions. All calls received in the contact center are documented to allow for follow-up and training. Our goal in Customer Support is to fully satisfy each and every client in a professional and caring manner, truly providing the resources of a national laboratory, and the convenience of local service.

Geisinger Medical Laboratories Contact Center
Team Leader: Jamie Serafin
Assistant Team Leaders: Jennifer Lindner and Ryan Carpenter

Client Services Representatives

Clinic and Off-Site Phlebotomists

The clinic and off-site phlebotomy team includes mobile phlebotomists who collect laboratory samples from patients in SNFs (skilled nursing facilities) and homebound patients. They are also responsible for phlebotomy services in our Patient Service Centers (PSCs) throughout Geisinger's service area.

Clinic and Offsite Phlebotomy Leadership Team
Team Leaders Shayla Baran and Brandon Nicholson, Morgan Rhodomoyer, Ken Smeal, and Megan Taylor. 



Led by Ed Heller, team leader, the courier team consists of 85 drivers who are based throughout the Geisinger system. Utilizing front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive-vehicles, our couriers exercise safety and care, transporting your specimens in a timely, safe and efficient manner.

When you request service, communication between the courier staff and the Customer Support Dispatcher is carried out with state-of-the art dispatching software. When you require a pickup, this enables the dispatcher to send detailed directions and information from his or her PC to the courier who is on the road.

Our couriers participate in annual training for specimen handling, biohazard safety, defensive driving and customer service. The staff logs over 2.3 million miles annually on 72 routes (50 on Monday through Friday, 12 on Saturday, and 10 on Sunday). These routes include scheduled stops and as-needed courier stops, totaling approximately 20,000 site visits per month. Our couriers are courteous, helpful and always ready with a smile.

Meet our Sales Representative

Not a client yet?  Meet Theresa Gilhooley, our Sales Representative. She would be happy to talk to you about becoming a laboratory client.

Call our Client Services Department 1-800-695-6491 and ask to connect with Theresa.








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