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What We Offer

Geisinger Medical Laboratories (GML) offers a unique combination of important ingredients. We offer the service and attention you expect from a local hospital laboratory and your own pathologist, but with the expertise and sophistication of a large doctoral and technical staff. Our team of highly trained medical laboratory professionals works diligently to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and reliability of every test we provide. And, most importantly, we customize our services to meet your needs, bringing this legacy of competence and caring to a wider geographic area, providing timely and accurate laboratory results that any healthcare institution or clinician can count on.

We'd like to be your medical reference laboratory. If you'd like more information about becoming our client, please contact our sales representative by calling our Client Services Call Center at 1-800-695-6491.

Anatomic Pathology Services

GML's pathology services include histologic preparation, immunohistochemistry and comprehensive diagnostic services. Consultative services that provide guidance for additional diagnostic workup, prognostic information, pathogenetic insight and therapeutic direction are available. The collective expertise of the pathologists includes dermatopathology, breast and gynecologic pathology, neuropathology, hematopathology, cytopathology, urologic pathology, renal pathology and head and neck (ENT/otolaryngologic), hepatic, thyroid, gastroenterologic, and soft tissue and bone pathologies, and oral pathology.

Clinical Laboratory Services

GML offers medical reference laboratory testing services for physician offices, hospital laboratories, nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities. We also offer chemistry, toxicology, immunologic, hematologic and microbiology testing. For a complete list of the tests we offer, please visit our test catalog.

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GML offers residencies and fellowships in the areas of cytopathology, dermatopathology and pathology. Additional learning opportunities are available at the Geisinger School of Medical Laboratory Science and the Geisinger School of Phlebotomy.

Support Services

Geisinger Medical Laboratories also offers a full range of support services for our clients, including your own Customer Care Representative, a 24/7 Client Services Call Center for customer support and a vast network of trained laboratory couriers to ensure that your specimens reach us safely. Geisinger Medical Laboratories maintains an online test catalog, which gives you all the information you need, including specimen collection and transport instructions, to send us your specimens for laboratory testing.

We offer your patients convenient Patient Service Centers, specimen collection locations distributed throughout the Geisinger Medical Laboratories' service area. We provide many home health agencies with lab supplies and educational material for home health nurses. We offer home draws for homebound patients (the patient must have a physician's order for this service).


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