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Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Care (Otolaryngology)

Our pediatric ear, nose and throat specialists diagnose and treat ENT problems in children and teens. When these conditions develop, early intervention is critical for protecting the development of normal speech and language.

At Geisinger, we treat common illnesses such as persistent ear infections and enlarged tonsils. We also successfully manage complicated challenges such as cleft lip and cleft palate disorders, as well as worrisome head and neck tumors.

Why choose Geisinger for ear, nose and throat care?

  • Highly trained, caring providers: Pediatric otolaryngologists are among the most extensively trained specialists, with education in both general surgery and head and neck surgery. This in-depth training makes our specialists exceptionally prepared to care for children with every type of ear, nose and throat problem. Find an otolaryngologist.
  • Team approach: When it comes to ENT conditions, we involve a team of providers during every step of the process. This approach is especially important for children who have multiple conditions that can complicate treatment. Our team includes:
    • Pediatric otolaryngologist
    • Audiologist
    • Behavioral health and developmental medicine specialist
    • Speech and language pathologist, from pediatric rehabilitation
    • Social worker
  • Other specialists in dental medicine, plastic surgery, and genetic disorders and birth defects, as needed
  • Specialty care for complex cases: At Geisinger, children who have conditions requiring extensive care have access to special services rarely found in the region:
    • Our cochlear implant team evaluates children with profound hearing loss to determine whether they will benefit from an implantable hearing device.
    • The Center for Voice and Swallowing restores voice and throat function to preserve the ability to speak and swallow.
    • Our experienced pediatric otolaryngologists can restore form and function when treating the most complex cleft lip and cleft palate disorders.

Ear, nose and throat conditions and treatments

Our pediatric otolaryngologists diagnose and treat ear, nose and throat conditions ranging from the simple to complex, including head and neck tumors.

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