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Diabetes resources

Live your best life with diabetes — with resources aimed at making diabetes easier to understand and manage.

Don’t go it alone: Join a support group

If you have diabetes, you’re caring for someone with diabetes or you’re at risk of developing it, you can join our free support group. You’ll have a network of people to listen and share stories about living with diabetes. During our free six-week program, learn to manage your diabetes or lower your risk for it through things like exercise, eating right and proper foot care.

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Meet your care team

We’ve got a network of people to care for you, ranging from your primary care doctor to endocrinologists, registered dietitians, certified diabetes care and education specialists, community health assistants, nurses and so many others. With a holistic approach that puts you at the center, we’ll guide you on the path to better health through nutrition counseling, lifestyle changes, medication management, education and emotional support.

Free learning sessions on managing diabetes

Education classes cover different topics each week, like diet and exercise, diabetes monitoring and how to lower your risk of complications. These sessions are a great way to connect with others and take charge of your health.

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Primary care doctor

If you’re concerned you may be diabetic or at risk for developing diabetes, talk to your doctor. They can order bloodwork to check for diabetes and send you to a specialist for continued treatment. Learn about primary care.

An endocrinologist diagnoses and treats diabetes. They play an important role in caring for and managing your diabetes. Learn about endocrinology.
Clinical nutrition and diabetes education

A good diet is critical for managing blood sugar levels. Our clinical nutrition team will help you make better choices in the kitchen to keep your blood sugar where it needs to be. Learn about clinical nutrition.
Behavioral health

Our behavioral health team is on hand to protect your mental well-being. Talk with them about any concerns you have. They can help you manage stress and anxiety and give you the emotional support you need. Learn about behavioral health.

Proper foot care is an important part of diabetes management. Your podiatrist will check your feet for signs of neuropathy. They will also check for cuts or sores and watch for infection.

Your clinical pharmacist is a medication expert who will partner with your primary care doctor and other specialists to make sure you are on the right diabetes medications. They can also help you save time and money by having your prescriptions shipped right to your home. Learn more about mail-order pharmacy.
Certified health coach

A certified health coach is a supportive mentor who will help you feel your best through motivational encouragement and lifestyle guidance. Our certified health coaches offer personalized, informative support and guidance to participants during confidential one-on-one sessions.
Community health assistants

Also known as CHAs, yours will help you sign up for services and get help after your diagnosis. Through home visits, your CHA will make sure you have the resources you need to live well. If anything needs attention, they’ll bring it to your case manager to be addressed.

We’ll help you avoid vision problems caused by diabetes. Our eye care team will do an eye exam to look for problems with your retinas or the blood vessels in your eyes. Learn about eye care.

You might not realize the impact diabetes can have on your urinary health. A urologist can help keep kidney problems and urinary issues at bay. Learn about urology.

Over time and if left untreated, diabetes can lead to heart disease. The good news is that some simple lifestyle modifications can help manage diabetes and lower your risk of developing heart disease. Learn more about heart care.
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