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What is joint replacement?

Joint replacement surgery is a highly effective treatment for people who have tried other non-surgical treatments (like medications or physical therapy), but still have disabling joint pain.

Most joint replacement surgeries are performed on the hip or knee and involve removing the damaged bone and cartilage from the joint and replacing it with an implant that looks and functions like a normal joint. 

When is joint replacement needed?

If you have advanced arthritis, including osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, that causes severe joint pain, stiffness or swelling and you have difficulty doing everyday activities, like walking, putting on your shoes or climbing stairs, joint replacement surgery may be the right treatment option for you.

Joint replacement surgery options

If you’re ready to say goodbye to chronic joint pain, our skilled orthopaedic surgeons are here to help you find the best treatment option for you. Often, this means minimally invasive surgery that results in a quicker recovery time.

There are different types of joint replacement surgery. And the right option for you will depend on your symptoms and the joint that’s affected. 

Traditional joint replacement surgery

Our orthopaedic surgeons are specialty-trained in performing traditional joint replacement surgeries to help you find relief from joint pain and get back to the activities you love. Learn more below:
Knee replacement surgery

There are two types of knee replacement surgeries: 

Partial knee replacement: During a partial knee replacement procedure, your surgeon will remove the damaged parts of the knee joint and replace them with an artificial replacement joint called an implant. 

Total knee replacement: The most common type of knee replacement surgery is a total knee replacement, a procedure that takes between 1 and 3 hours. During this procedure, an orthopaedic surgeon removes damaged cartilage and bone before fitting the implant.  
Hip replacement surgery

Total hip replacement: A total hip replacement involves removing damaged bone and cartilage around the hip and replacing them with ball-and-socket implants designed to replicate the human hip joint. The prosthetic joint, which combines high-grade metal and plastic components, will be attached to your bone and padded with plastic to minimize friction.

Mako joint replacement surgery (available exclusively at Geisinger*)

If your hip or knee pain hasn’t benefited from non-surgical treatments — or if you’re worried about the recovery time of traditional surgery — Mako® robotic-arm-assisted surgery may be the right option for you.
Robotic-arm-assisted surgery is a minimally invasive, highly accurate surgery option. For most patients, it results in better and longer-performing joints, a smaller incision, less discomfort and a faster recovery time.
The Mako robotic surgical arm helps your surgeon perform partial knee, total knee and total hip replacements. Geisinger is the sole provider of Mako joint replacement surgery in the region, combining highly advanced surgical technology with the orthopaedic care you trust. 
This treatment option relieves pain, restores mobility and can help you get back to the things you love — faster.

 *In the following counties: Centre, Columbia, Huntingdon, Juniata, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Mifflin, Montour, Northumberland, Snyder and Union. 

Orthopaedic care at Geisinger

Comprehensive orthopaedic care: Whether you need joint replacement, sports medicine, chiropractic care or a world-renowned spine surgery program, trust us for unmatched expertise in orthopaedic conditions. We treat orthopaedic conditions including bone and joint pain; injuries from sports, falls and fractures; and the wear and tear of daily life.
World-class care, close to home: With many locations throughout central, northeast and south-central Pennsylvania, our experienced orthopaedic team provides evaluations, consultations and comprehensive care. We offer leading-edge treatment options and tailored-to-you care backed by the expertise and innovation of a nationally renowned health system.
Better, faster healing: Tried-and-true methods keep you on the path for healing, such as our ProvenCare® program, which identifies and consistently provides the best treatment for specific conditions. So you spend less time in the hospital and recover faster.
Mako joint replacement surgery: As the sole provider of Mako joint replacement surgery in the region, Geisinger offers Mako procedures at four locations:
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