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Our neuropsychologists specialize in evaluating how brain and nervous system conditions affect thinking abilities and behaviors. We perform detailed evaluations and recommend therapies and support services to help you or your loved one live as independently as possible.

We help people whose thinking abilities, such as memory concerns, and other behaviors have been impacted by conditions affecting the brain: 

  • Traumatic brain injury, which occurs when a jolt to the head damages brain tissue.  
  • Dementia, which is a type of brain disease with symptoms such as confusion that worsens over time. 


Why choose Geisinger for neuropsychology services?

  • Highly skilled neuropsychologists: Geisinger is home to expertise that is uncommon in the region. All members of our team have deep experience and deliver a superior level of care to your loved one. A board-certified neuropsychologist leads our program, which includes experienced doctors who completed additional training (fellowships) in neuropsychology. Find a doctor.  
  • Accurate evaluations: We perform a complete evaluation, including tests to measure how a condition may be affecting your loved one’s language, attention and memory. We also talk with you and your loved ones to help understand how these challenges are affecting daily activities. This information helps us determine which treatments and services may improve your loved one’s quality of life.    
  • Coordination: We deliver specialized dementia care through Geisinger Memory and Cognition programs. Neuropsychologists work alongside neurologists, social workers and therapists. Our approach simplifies your or your loved one’s treatment and helps the entire family feel confident in the care plan.  
  • Convenience: Our neuropsychologists may recommend therapies, medications or support services, which can be found in Geisinger clinics and pharmacies throughout the region. From physical therapy to memory care, we make it easy to get the care you or your loved one needs without traveling great distances. Find a location.  
  • Leadership:  Our neuropsychologists keep pace with developments in the field, which means we use care practices that are most effective and backed by research. Geisinger specialists are also training the next generation of neuropsychologists with a one-year post-doctoral training (fellowship) program.

Neuropsychology conditions and treatments

Neuropsychologists help people whose lives have been touched by psychiatric disorders and medical conditions affecting the brain.

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