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Prenatal care at Geisinger

Pregnancy tools and resources

Pregnancy guide books

Our pregnancy guide book will guide you through your pregnancy — from body changes and what your baby is doing at each stage of your pregnancy to how to prepare for labor and take care of yourself after delivery.

Support during your pregnancy journey

Our moms-to-be have access to specialty programs and resources such as breastfeeding classes, our Free2BeMom program, and postpartum depression screenings and treatment.

Pregnancy by trimester

Whether you’re in week 1 or the home stretch, get pregnancy to-do lists, timelines and questions to ask your care team.

Pregnancy and newborn care at Geisinger

Our pregnancy specialists are dedicated to providing personalized, compassionate and coordinated care throughout your pregnancy journey. We offer:  

  • Unmatched expertise – Our experienced team has helped thousands of women throughout their pregnancy journey and includes highly trained OBGYNs, certified nurse midwives, maternal-fetal medicine doctors, dietitians, breastfeeding specialists and other support staff. From care during all your weeks of pregnancy, to labor and delivery and beyond, we’re here to provide you the personalized pregnancy care you need.
  • World-class care, close to home – With locations throughout central, northeast, west-central and south-central Pennsylvania, our experienced pregnancy and childbirth team provides comprehensive care for moms and little ones. Whether you are a high-risk pregnancy or your newborn needs specialty care at one of our advanced neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), we offer the level of care you and your baby need.
  • Comprehensive specialty care – Welcoming a new baby brings about many life changes – some exciting, some challenging. Whether you need mental health or emotional support, are struggling with addiction, need breastfeeding support or advanced newborn care, we’re here for you every step of the way.
  • State-of-the-art delivery rooms – The birthing suites at Geisinger hospitals are comfortable, extra-large and homey, designed so you can stay in one place and make yourself at home. Learn more about our delivery rooms.
  • Newborn services – From skin-to-skin bonding and nutritional support to our network of NICUs and neonatal specialists when extra care is needed, we’re ready to provide the very best care the moment your baby arrives. Learn more about our newborn services. 
  • Support groups and parenting classes – Our patients have access to a wealth of programs geared towards mom and baby including pregnancy and childbirth classes, pregnancy support groups, behavioral health support and other resources and services.

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