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FFP purpose

Our purpose

The Fresh Food Farmacy is a new approach to medicine, or rather a very old approach to medicine.

Research proves a healthy diet and exercise can be just as important as medication in regulating blood sugar and preventing long-term complications from diabetes. However, many people lack access to healthy food or knowledge about a healthy diet. Our “food as medicine” approach puts this research into action, combating high obesity rates, pre-diabetes and diabetes by providing fresh, healthy food to those most in need. But most importantly, the Fresh Food Farmacy empowers participants to manage their medical conditions through food-related behavior and life style changes. 

Our values: 

  • Improving healthy behaviors of residents in our communities. 
  • Educating members of our community on the connection between nutrition and wellness.
  • Reducing the burden of Type 2 diabetes and related medical complications, optimizing prescription use and ultimately lowering the cost of total care.
  • Narrowing the meal gap in those who are food insecure by ensuring participants have access to at least 10 fresh and healthy meals per week.
  • Collaborating with community partners to align our solutions.

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FFP patient stories
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