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Estimate your healthcare costs

We’re committed to making better health easier for everyone — and that includes helping you make informed decisions about your health.
If you have questions or need financial assistance, we’re here to help.

How to estimate your costs

Understanding healthcare costs can be complex. Before you come to Geisinger for medical care, you can receive an estimate to see the approximate amount you might owe after insurance.

There are two ways to receive a price estimate:

  1. Call 800-640-4206 and ask for an estimate. When calling, you’ll need:
    • Your health insurance card
    • The type of procedure you are considering
    • The name of the Geisinger location where the procedure will be performed
    • You’ll receive a written or verbal estimate within two business days of your request.
  2. Request a price estimate through the MyEstimate® form.

Important terms to know

  • Cost – Varies by the party incurring the expense.
  • Charge – The dollar amount a provider sets for services rendered before negotiating any discounts.
  • Price – The total amount a provider expects to be paid by payers and patients for healthcare service. For further information, review the Consumer Guide to Healthcare Prices.

See additional information on financial assistance.

Referrals and preauthorizations

To find out if your insurance requires a referral or preauthorization, or to request a referral from your Geisinger primary care provider, call CareLink at 800-275-6401.

Patient billing services


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