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Our promise

Geisinger is innovating to provide precision healthcare to our community, today.

Healthcare is on the verge of an amazing transformation. The emerging field of precision health takes advantage of the rise of big data, genomic sequencing and other game-changing developments to transform the practice of healthcare:

  • from a system that takes care of sick people to a system that helps prevent people from becoming sick; 
  • from a system treating people in a one-size-fits-all way to a system treating people more and more as individuals - taking into account their unique behavioral, environmental, social and genomic characteristics.

Research like our MyCode Community Health Initiative and DETECT coupled with our unrelenting commitment to finding the connections between the human genome and health will allow Geisinger to change the way the world thinks about medicine.

We don't want to wait for precision health to impact healthcare someday. At Geisinger, someday is today.

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