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Thoracic Pathology

This Geisinger Medical Laboratories Subspecialty Group specializes in both neoplastic and non-neoplastic disease of the organs and tissues of the chest. Clinical specimens typically include myocardial biopsies, cardiac valves and cardiovascular devices, vascular specimens, pericardial specimens, and biopsy specimens of the lung, pleura, and mediastinum.
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Hongbing Deng, MD, PhD

Zachary Hoffer

Zachary S. Hoffer, MD, PhD

Syed A Jaffar Kazmi

Syed A. Jaffar Kazmi, MD

Mark Mentrikoski

Mark J. Mentrikoski, MD

Kai Zhang

Kai Zhang, MD

Zhu Shaobo

Shaobo Zhu, MD


How are specimens transported to your laboratory?

Our couriers retrieve and transport specimens from regional physicians' offices, and we provide prepaid Federal Express services for physicians with offices beyond our own courier service area.

How can I get my patients' results?

Reports can be delivered delivered via fax, mail, courier, or electronically.

Do you offer a slide consultation service for second opinion?

Yes. Our specialists offer consultative services that provide guidance for additional diagnostic workup, prognostic information, pathogenetic insight, and therapeutic direction. Please forward the slides, previous surgical pathology reports and, if possible, the paraffin blocks, along with the request.

Do you offer slide preparation and technical services?

Yes, Geisinger Medical Laboratories provides histologic preparation and immunohistochemistry in addition to comprehensive diagnostic services.

Do you offer client billing?

GML offers several billing options:

  1. Contracted Client Billing: GML clients will receive monthly itemized invoices for services provided.
  2. Patient Billing: GML can bill the patient directly if complete billing information is provided on the test requisition form at the time the specimen is submitted. If you have arranged for GML to bill directly, please advise the patient to expect a bill from Geisinger Medical Laboratories.
  3. Third Party Billing: GML will bill the patient's insurance company directly.

For details about billing options, please see How to...Pay Your Bill.

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