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Offering a wide range of dental health care

Oral medicine

Good dental care is important to maintaining overall health for people of all ages. The dentists and surgeons in Geisinger's Department of Dental Medicine and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery provide preventive, restorative and surgical care for adults and children.

We offer a range of dental medicine services, including cleanings and X-ray evaluations, implants, cosmetic dentistry, dentures and crowns. Our experienced surgeons remove impacted teeth, cysts, and tumors and also treat complications of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ).

What you should know about oral medicine

  • Children need regular dental care to ensure a lifetime of good oral health. Common pediatric services include sealants, fluoride, space maintenance and orthodontic care.
  • Oral surgeons are specially trained in corrective surgery techniques to treat conditions affecting the face or jaw, such as tumors, cysts and growths.
  • Advances in cosmetic dentistry make correcting stained, chipped or misshaped teeth easier and more affordable.
  • Restorative dental services are important for maintaining an attractive and healthy smile. These include fillings, bridges, dental implants, dentures and crowns to correct damaged, decayed or lost teeth.

Why choose Geisinger for oral medicine?

  • Geisinger’s dental professionals take the time to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere where questions and concerns can be addressed before procedures begin.
  • Our dentists and oral surgeons use techniques that are as painless as possible. Our staff specializes in pain and anxiety control and uses appropriate anesthesia when necessary.
  • We specialize in the treatment of TMJ conditions, offering conservative management to total joint replacement surgery.

Oral medicine treatments

With a comprehensive set of dental medicine services — from routine care to complex surgery and emergency care — we can address a wide range of dental conditions and trauma.

Specialties and institutes

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