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Grandmother celebrating a successful robotic surgery procedure by reading a book to her granddaughter

Transforming procedures with robotic surgery

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Robotic surgery

Even for the most complex procedures, robotic surgery helps you recover quicker and can shorten your hospital stay.

What is robotic surgery?

Robotic-assisted surgery has created a world of possibilities for surgeons, and for you. During robotic surgery, a surgeon uses a computer to control and guide robotic “arms” with small instruments. With the use of a small camera and special surgical tools, surgeries are being done with a higher degree of precision than ever before.

Our surgeons use robotic surgery to treat conditions including:

Robotic surgery allows for a wider range of motion than the human hand offers and, combined with our highly trained surgeons’ knowledge and experience, often makes minimally invasive surgery possible.

Benefits of robotic surgery include:

  • Smaller incisions
  • Less scarring
  • Less pain/discomfort
  • Quicker recovery
  • Protection of surrounding tissue in the area of operation
  • The ability for surgeons to reach otherwise hard-to-reach areas

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Types of robotic surgery

Depending on the type of surgery you need and your medical history, your surgeon may approve you for robotic-assisted surgery. Our surgeons are trained in the following robotic-assisted surgical tools:


AquaBEAM® is a robotic surgical arm that allows our doctors to perform a minimally invasive procedure to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, using a stream of water to remove damaged prostate tissue.
da Vinci Surgical System®

The da Vinci Surgical System has several arms, which include a camera arm and surgical arms, that are controlled by a surgeon during procedures. The surgeon works from a console within the operating room that also features a high-definition, 3D display.

The much smaller robotic “hands” help surgeons perform procedures through tiny incisions that human hands cannot.

Our surgeons perform minimally invasive surgeries with da Vinci including:

Mako robotic arm-assisted surgery

Transforming joint replacement surgery, Mako® is a robotic surgical arm that enables our doctors to perform minimally invasive joint replacement surgeries.

As the sole provider of Mako joint replacement surgery in the region, our orthopaedic surgeons perform the following Mako joint replacement surgeries:

Using Mako, surgeons can take exact measurements of each person’s knee or hip, which allows for a perfect fit and seamless placement of the joint replacement. Mako also provides our surgeons with 3D images that help guide the procedure.

Robotic surgery care at Geisinger

From emergency to elective surgeries, our compassionate and skilled surgeons are here to help you get well. We offer:

  • Specialized care: Many of our surgeons have completed advanced training (called fellowships) in specific types of surgery. This precise level of care leads to improved accuracy and fewer complications.
  • Safe, effective surgical care: Our ProvenCare® approach uses the latest research and recommendations to achieve the best possible outcomes. We offer ProvenCare methods for many types of surgery, including lung cancer, bariatric and hip replacement surgery.
  • Minimally invasive surgery: We use minimally invasive techniques whenever possible. This type of surgery offers a higher degree of precision and less disruption to healthy tissue compared to other surgical methods. This means smaller surgical incisions, shorter recovery times and a faster return to your daily activities.
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