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Want to make a difference?

Share your time and talents by volunteering at Geisinger. Get started:

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Become a volunteer at Geisinger

Geisinger volunteers serve our patients, their families and our communities with passion and kindness. Our volunteers enhance the patient experience by supporting staff and employees so that we can deliver the highest quality care to our visitors, our patients and their families. 

Everyone has unique and personal reasons for sharing their time, talent and skills through volunteering. We strive to make sure all our volunteers have a meaningful experience while being of service to others through our programs.

Top 10 volunteer opportunities at Geisinger: 

  • Reception/host/greeter 
  • Pet therapy volunteer
  • Infant/rocker cuddler
  • Courier/delivery assistance
  • Wayfinding assistant
  • Program assistance/support
  • Patient visitor/comforter
  • Caring cart volunteer
  • Office/clerical assistant
  • Fundraising/special project volunteer

Volunteer work is fulfilling in so many ways, and each meaningful activity enriches the lives of every volunteer. If you’re thinking about becoming a volunteer, ask yourself if you are:

  • Looking to become part of an active and diverse group of individuals? 
  • Looking to give back to others using your talents and skills? 
  • Looking for a personal growth or informal learning opportunity? 
  • Retired, but not ready to give up the bustle of the workplace? 
  • A high school or college student looking for a service opportunity or life experience? 

If you answer yes to any of these questions, contact us today to learn about volunteer opportunities at Geisinger!