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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

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Improving health and well-being in our communities

Community Health Needs Assessment

Founded over a century ago as a single hospital in Danville, Pa., Geisinger now provides the highest quality healthcare services to communities throughout central and northeastern Pennsylvania. And our nonprofit mission is to not only meet the immediate healthcare needs of the people in the communities we serve, but to anticipate, identify and address future health issues and trends.

The community health needs assessment (CHNA) report helps us do that. Every three years, we conduct a thorough, formal survey to identify the specific needs of the communities and regions we serve and then develop meaningful, measurable responses.

We have taken major steps toward improvement and responsiveness to community needs at each of our hospital campuses. For more details, click on the campuses listed on the left.

Geisinger community health needs for 2024 through 2026

For fiscal year 2024 and through the next three years, we’ll be focused on these three issues identified in the latest CHNA survey:

  1. Access to care
  2. Behavioral health
  3. Chronic disease prevention and management 

CHNA methodology

The 2024 CHNA was conducted collaboratively by Geisinger, Allied Services, and Evangelical Community Hospital. The three health systems have partnered since 2012 to create a collective CHNA for their overlapping service areas spanning central and northeast Pennsylvania. Collaboration in this way conserves vital community resources while fostering a platform for collective impact that aligns community efforts toward a common goal or action. 

The CHNA focused on the primary service county(ies) of each participating hospital to identify health trends and unique disparities within these communities. Hospitals with overlapping service areas were grouped into regions for comparisons of health and socioeconomic data. Common priorities were determined to address widespread health needs. Specific strategies were outlined in each hospital’s implementation plan to guide local efforts and collaboration with community partners. 

Our Research Partner

Geisinger, Evangelical Community Hospital, and Allied Services contracted with Build Community to conduct the CHNA. Build Community is a woman-owned business that specializes in conducting stakeholder research to illuminate disparities and underlying inequities and transform data into practical and impactful strategies to advance health and social equity. Our interdisciplinary team of researchers and planners have worked with hundreds of health and human service providers and their partners to reimagine policies and achieve measurable impact. Learn more about our work at

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