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If you’ve ever worn a heel insert from a pharmacy or sporting goods store, you’ve used an orthotic device. In orthotics, we prescribe and make devices that help prevent and treat foot or ankle pain.

You can buy off-the-shelf orthotic devices, such as wedges, inserts, cushions and braces. We can also custom-make them for your foot or ankle.

What you should know about orthotics

  • We mostly use orthotic devices to:
    • Prevent or correct foot deformities, especially in children
    • Provide alignment and support for your foot or ankle
    • Improve how your foot or ankle functions
  • People of all ages use orthotic devices. They are especially useful in helping runners, walkers and other athletes prevent and treat many conditions, including:
    • Arthritis
    • Bunions
    • Corns and calluses
    • Forefoot pain
    • Fractures
    • Knee pain, including runner’s knee
    • Plantar fasciitis (heel pain)
    • Sprains and strains
    • Torn ligaments and tendons

Why choose Geisinger for orthotic care?

  • Orthotic specialists: We have dedicated orthotic specialists able to create custom orthotic devices for you. Our care includes helping people with diabetes, by providing orthotic devices such as special shoes that help them protect their feet. Trust our experience to help you get back to an active, life with less pain.
  • Team approach to care: Our orthotic specialists work with orthopedic team members, podiatrists (foot and ankle doctors), physical therapists and your primary care doctor. This collaboration ensures you get the best, most comfortable fit possible. Learn more about orthopaedic surgery, podiatry and physical therapy.
  • Focus on sports medicine: Orthotics works closely with sports medicine, providing specialized braces, slings, casts and other devices to manage conditions or help injuries heal. We want to keep you in your sport and doing the things you love, without pain.

Treats these conditions

An orthotic specialist can help you stay active and manage conditions such as:

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