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Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Geisinger’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) program helps people who have lost function, such as mobility and strength, because of chronic illness or injury. PM&R (physiatry) is a medical specialty that focuses on the restoration of function through treatment. Medical doctors who practice physiatry are called physiatrists. Physiatrists also help children reach developmental milestones.

Our physical medicine and rehab specialists (physiatrists) work across many disciplines. We treat patients in the hospital as well as at outpatient locations. Physiatry, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy are all part of our PM&R program.

Why choose Geisinger for physical medicine and rehabilitation?

  • Dedication to helping people restore function: Our singular focus is on helping people regain function and mobility. Whether a sprained ankle prevents you from running or you need intensive therapy to regain mobility after injury, we can help. We do it in a variety of ways, including physiatry, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.
  • Therapy at multiple locations: We serve people across central and northeastern Pennsylvania. Our specialists are available inside every Geisinger hospital, and at several outpatient locations. To better serve our communities, we are adding locations. We recognize that people want the convenience of having treatment close to home.
  • Collaboration with other disciplines: Our physiatrists and therapists work across all disciplines, from sports medicine to heart and vascular, cancer, rheumatology and neurology. Open heart surgery, joint replacement, back pain, chemotherapy, slips on the ice: anything that has caused a loss of function, we can treat. We help weekend warriors who run marathons, grandparents who want to play with their grandchildren and everyone in between.
  • Focus on using data: Geisinger is known for our commitment to using data to improve patient health with programs such as MyCode. We document every patient visit and use technology to make that information readily available for healthcare providers. Being able to access information, such as past X-rays and laboratory results, helps us better coordinate your care. Evidence shows that the more data we have, the more successful patients are with PM&R treatments.
  • Partnership with community providers: Now that we have expanded our physiatry program, we can help more people than ever throughout Pennsylvania. Learn more about why you should refer a patient to a physiatrist.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation treatments and conditions

Our physical medicine and rehabilitation team treats patients of all ages. We work with people to regain function, treating:

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