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Geisinger's future as part of Risant Health

Making better health easier

Fulfilling Abigail’s vision into the future

When Abigail Geisinger founded a small community hospital in Danville in 1915, she directed her leadership team, “Make it the best.” As we carry her vision forward for the residents of central and northeastern Pennsylvania, we recently announced our intentions to become the first member of a transformative solution: Risant Health. Pending regulatory approval, Geisinger will be acquired by Risant Health and then become the first member of Risant Health, a new nonprofit designed to bring accessible and affordable care to more communities in the United States. 

As nonprofit organizations with a legacy of innovation, Kaiser Permanente and Geisinger share a passion for providing exceptional healthcare and promoting better health outcomes. While this is an innovative move designed to improve the health of communities across the country, for us it provides the investment and support needed to make better health easier in the communities we serve for another 100 years and beyond. And more importantly, it honors Abigail Geisinger’s vision to make the health system she founded the best for the families who call our communities home.

patient and members icon For our patients and members

As part of Risant Health, we’ll maintain our name and mission and will continue to work with other health plans, employed physicians and independent providers. Our headquarters will remain in Danville, Pa.

What communities can expect from us won’t change. If you’re a patient or member, you’ll continue accessing and receiving care just as you always have. Our approach to care remains anchored around high-quality outcomes and providing quality care to our communities. And we’ll continue working with other health plans, employed physicians and independent providers.

benefits and collaboration Benefits of collaboration

As a leading nonprofit health system, Kaiser Permanente brings tools, expertise and capital to accelerate our charitable mission and strategy. We’ll continue making major investments in facilities, digital, automation and consumer-friendly tools to keep our communities healthy and expand our impact to communities across Pennsylvania — all as part of Risant Health.

award icon Who is Kaiser Permanente?

To broaden our impact, we considered partners that would provide exceptional care and a robust health plan, as well as act as a leader in the transition to value-versus-volume care models. What we found was a like-minded organization in Kaiser Permanente — a best-in-class organization with 39 hospitals, strong physician groups and a health plan that operates across eight states and the District of Columbia.

value-based care icon Why value-based care is important

By bringing together the best of Kaiser Permanente with the skills and capabilities of leading health systems like Geisinger, Risant Health can make high-quality, equitable, evidence-based care available to many more communities across the country.

What people are saying


Becoming part of a larger group of health systems that could include a half-dozen other partners in the next five years opens the door to additional assets that [Dr. Jaewon] Ryu said can provide a “turbo boost” for patients.

Sunbury Daily Item

As national systems and new players grow larger, “they are pulling away in some respects from our communities and from our community health systems...” The new venture “is a way to really ensure that not-for-profit, value-based community health is not only alive but is thriving in this country.”

The New York Times

Kevin Holloran, senior director at Fitch Ratings, said he sees Risant as a "repository of knowledge," with potential for its member health systems to work toward a common goal of lower costs and better access to care.

– Becker's Hospital Review

This acquisition presents a significant upside for the industry’s move to improve access to quality, affordable care. Kaiser and Geisinger are two of the premier organizations in our country driving towards value-based care at scale for their communities. The creation of Risant and the forthcoming investment in future acquisitions offers the potential to move our nation’s healthcare system to lower cost, higher quality care at scale.

- Andy Flanagan, CEO of Iris Telehealth

Kaiser joining forces with Geisinger is a brilliant initiative. Both organizations are incredibly focused on quality, and this move will hopefully accelerate the value-based care agenda in the Northeast, where adoption has been slow.

- Greg Miller, Chief Growth Officer of Lumeon

Two of the titans of systems-based care to manage costs and drive measurable outcomes… My optimism hopes for ripple impacts to drive more hospitals towards value.

- Brett Daniel, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer of Optum

Frequently asked questions

What’s the next step in the process?

The proposed transaction is subject to state and federal regulatory review. We’ll be addressing any questions the appropriate state and federal regulatory officials have.
Will I still be able to see my doctor?

Yes, if the acquisition is approved, you’ll continue accessing and receiving care as you always have. We’ll continue working with employed physicians and independent providers.
Will my insurance still be accepted?

Our patients and members will continue accessing care and coverage as they do now. As a Geisinger patient, you’ll keep using your insurance at the same facilities. We’ll continue accepting non-Geisinger health plans, contracting and partnering with non-Geisinger provider organizations and working with non-employed physicians. That means you’ll still be able to visit your doctors and care teams, too.
Are costs going to go up?

Risant Health’s acquisition of Geisinger will have no impact on insurance premiums and deductibles.

What is value-based care?

We define value-based care as high-quality, affordable, evidence-based care that's accessible and equitable and delivers quality outcomes. 

Something like Geisinger 65 Forward is a great example of value-based care. Not only can our Geisinger Gold members visit a doctor who sees fewer patients for longer periods of time, but they also have resources for fitness, nutrition and socialization. As a result, these patients don’t need expensive care like inpatient admissions or ER visits as often as those in what are known as “fee-for-service” models.

Why is Geisinger doing this?

We’re doing this to accelerate our mission of making better health easier for the communities we serve. 

We considered partners that were like-minded and focused on improving health outcomes, affordability and access. And there’s no one better in the industry than Kaiser Permanente — a best-in-class organization with a health plan that operates across 8 states and the District of Columbia, 39 hospitals and strong physician groups. 

Being part of Risant Health will allow us to access the tools, expertise and capital to accelerate our charitable mission and strategy and expand our impact to other communities across Pennsylvania and beyond.

Will Geisinger maintain its local focus?

Our name and mission — as well as what communities expect from us — will be preserved. Our headquarters will remain in Danville, Pa. and we will continue to manage operations locally. We’ll continue to work with other health plans, employed physicians and independent providers. Geisinger patients and members will continue accessing and receiving care just as they do today. 

What will happen to the Geisinger leadership team?

No changes are anticipated until the transition nears completion. Any changes will be communicated as appropriate.
How will Geisinger and Risant work together?

Our operations and regional strategy will continue to be managed locally and we’ll maintain our focus on serving our communities to make better health easier. We’ll continue investing in current and new facilities, services and technologies to keep our communities healthy.