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LGBTQ Resources

We're here for you

Our Diversity and Inclusion Department, with on-site offices in Danville and South Wilkes-Barre, is here to advocate for our LGBTQ patients and employees. We have dedicated staff who are able to assist LGBTQ patients with navigating the health system.

To ask questions, make suggestions, provide feedback or take advantage of our services, email us at

Provider referrals

Our staff can connect you with LGBTQ knowledgeable and friendly providers.

Transgender Patient Ombudsman

In concert with the Diversity and Inclusion Department, Geisinger has established a Transgender Patient Ombudsman to advocate for our transgender patients and help with navigating the system, including:

  • Referrals to knowledgeable providers,
  • Assistance with your electronic health record, and
  • Assistance with any billing issues that may arise.

Cultural competency training for the Geisinger family

Geisinger offers LGBTQ cultural competency training to all physicians and staff. In addition to Safe Zone trainings and Unconscious Bias trainings, training resources developed and provided by Human Rights Commission are available to all staff. Additionally, Geisinger is working to include LGBTQ representation on all of our Patient and Family Advisory Councils.

Collaboration with community LGBTQ organizations

Geisinger is also reaching out to LGBTQ organizations in our communities, including PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). If your organization is interested in collaborating with us, reach out to the Diversity and Inclusion Department.

LGBTQ specific services

Our staff can also connect patients and family members with LGBTQ knowledgeable and friendly providers. For additional information or assistance with any services, email us at

  • Referral to LGBTQ knowledgeable/friendly providers
  • HIV/STD/STI testing and counseling
  • LGBTQ affirming mental health services
  • LGBTQ focused alcohol and substance use treatment
  • Hormone therapy for adults and youth