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Safety value


We provide a safe environment for our patients, our members and our Geisinger family

Healthcare can be complex and stressful. Knowing you’re in a safe environment, surrounded by a care team you trust is critical to your recovery. That’s why we’re committed to delivering the safest experience for patients, members and our Geisinger family – every single time.

Here’s how:

  • By delivering the safest, highest quality care to patients as soon as they need it, we can reduce the rate of medical complications, infections and falls while they’re with us. 
  • By delivering excellent clinical outcomes using our ProvenCare model as our north star, we’ll improve outcomes. When our healthcare providers all follow the same evidence-based best practices for procedures like joint replacements, heart surgeries and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treatments, our patients’ outcomes are better. 
  • By helping our patients get back to good health as quickly as possible, we’ll make it easier and faster for them to return to their normal routines. We’ll continue to invest in programs like our ProvenRecovery, which helps patients eat better, move more and manage post-surgery pain for a faster recovery. 
  • By delivering the best health plan experience for our health insurance members, we’ll help them live their healthiest lives. We’ll encourage our members to stay healthy through the screenings, vaccines and check-ups they need; make sure they have access to the right prescription medications at the right time; and provide them with exceptional customer service across all fronts.

Quality care for every patient

We’re dedicated to providing our patients accurate pricing estimates and quality statistics to assist in making the best healthcare decisions for you and your family.


Since 2006, our ProvenCare program has identified and consistently provided the best treatment for specific conditions to deliver better care at lower cost.


Our ProvenRecovery program has helped cut hospital stays in half, drive $1.5 million in savings and contribute to an 18 percent reduction in opioid use across our organization.

Geisinger Health Plan 

Since 1985, Geisinger Health Plan has helped provide high-quality, affordable healthcare benefits to our communities. Today, we cover nearly 600,000 members across our footprint.
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