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Vascular disease refers to issues involving blood vessels, or the arteries and veins that carry blood to and from your heart. Our blood carries oxygen and nutrients (like amino acids and glucose) to our cells and tissues, while helping our body get rid of any byproducts that build up in the body.

Think of your vascular system like a group of connected highways — which means you can encounter an issue at any point along the way. Those issues can include narrowing of the arteries, restricted blood flow and even blood clots.

We’re here to help keep everything flowing smoothly.

Vascular condition risk factors:

Knowing your risk factors can make all the difference in the proper diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease. Risk factors for developing vascular disease include:

  • Being overweight
  • Having diabetes
  • Family history of vascular disease
  • An unhealthy diet
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Smoking

Some types of vascular disease are caused by sitting or standing still for long periods of time. No matter the cause or your condition, our skilled vascular specialists will help you find relief so you can feel your best.

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Vascular conditions and treatments

You deserve the most advanced treatments available to recover from vascular disease. That’s why we conduct research and offer the newest, most leading-edge technologies and procedures.

Our specialists offer treatment for the following vascular conditions:

What is vascular disease?

Learn about the types of vascular diseases and the factors that put you at a higher risk for developing it.

Varicose vein treatment

Varicose veins don’t have to affect your life. With minimally invasive treatment, you can feel and look your best in no time.

Vascular surgery care

Pennsylvania’s largest vascular medicine program is here — right in your backyard. With more vascular specialists available 24/7, we treat more vascular conditions than any other healthcare provider in the region.

Make an appointment with a vascular disease specialist

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Get relief from vascular conditions including varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, peripheral artery disease and more.

Learn more about vascular surgery

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If you have a vascular condition that needs surgical treatment, our experts provide the latest, most advanced procedures.

Participate in groundbreaking research

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Help us detect the earliest signs of certain conditions and take action to prevent them.

Get 24/7 access to your health information

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Get instant access to test results, upcoming appointments and your care team.

Vascular disease care at Geisinger

Our vascular specialists are dedicated to providing personalized care and helping you feel your best. With the area’s largest vascular medicine program, our specialists are available 24/7. We offer:

  • Advanced diagnoses – Primary care doctors (your main doctor) often send individuals to us because of our advanced vascular labs. Here, we can perform many non-invasive diagnostic tests, helping us refine your diagnosis and determine the best treatment.
  • Minimally invasive surgery – We use minimally invasive techniques whenever possible. This means smaller surgical incisions, shorter recovery and a faster return to your daily activities.
  • High-tech endovascular suites – Our state-of-the-art operating suites include the imaging capabilities of a catheterization lab. This allows our surgeons to perform procedures that require both vascular surgery and image-guided techniques simultaneously. So not only can you have multiple procedures at once, you’ll only have to undergo anesthesia and recover once.
  • Leading expertise – We are a national leader in researching the genetic factors linked to aortic aneurysms. This research is helping us identify people who may be at risk so they can get the treatment they need. We also have specific expertise in carotid artery stenting and perform more of these procedures than any other program in the region.