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Geisinger Jersey Shore Hospital

Improved access to healthcare for Clinton and Lycoming counties
Geisinger Jersey Shore Hospital (GJSH) opened as a private hospital in the early 20th century and became part of the Geisinger family in 2017. The goal of the integration into Geisinger was to provide more access to a wide range of healthcare services for area residents. GJSH provides a 24/7/365 emergency department, surgical services, a skilled inpatient unit, and offers many outpatient services - with access to all services offered by Geisinger facilities, providers and centers of excellence, if and when a higher level of care is required. This is the first community health needs assessment (CHNA) report that includes GJSH, though it completed CHNA reports in previous years as a standalone facility.

The 2018 CHNA identified the following priorities across all Geisinger’s service areas: Access to care; behavioral health (including substance abuse and mental health strategies); and chronic disease prevention and management (with a focus on increasing healthy habits).

GJSH has as its current goals increasing access to care for all the residents in its service area, with a focus on improving outcomes for patients with heart disease, cancer and other prevalent healthcare challenges. An additional area of concentration is on providing free or reduced-cost education, programs and screenings that promote healthy eating, lifestyle choices and exercise as a way to avoid chronic, preventable conditions such as Type 2 diabetes. In 2017, the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health recognized the hospital for excellence in patient satisfaction and outcomes.

More detail about GJSH programs, as well as a comprehensive list of many action items that resulted from what we learned in the most recent CHNA report, are contained in the reports below: