Frequently asked questions

Who does the GHS Vendor Policy and Procedure apply to?
All vendors who plan to visit a Geisinger Health System (GHS) location must adhere to GHS Vendor Policy and Procedure.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, all clinical, research, pharmaceutical and other non-medical vendors wishing to visit departments or clinics at GHS must have an appointment.

Are there assigned parking areas for vendors at your facilities?
The parking policy for vendors varies from location to location. Go to Locations for a complete listing of Geisinger sites, along with the main phone number for each. Contact the location that you will be visiting for its respective parking guidelines.

Do I need to sign in anywhere before going to the department where I have scheduled my appointment?
Yes, GHS will have dedicated sign-in locations for you to print out a visitor badge. GHS does not allow the option of pre-printing the visitor badge before entering a GHS site.

How do I know if I need to register through SVC and will there be a registration fee?
If you plan on visiting a clinical or pharmaceutical area, per GHS Vendor Policy you must register with Symplr Vendor Credentialing (SVC) and pay any required fees based on your access level.

Do I need to obtain a SVC vendor badge?

If you are a SVC member, your badge should be with you at all times. If you recently signed up or are not a SVC member and do not have a SVC badge, it is required that you at least have a visitor badge if you have an appointment.

May I bring samples of products or new items into a Geisinger facility?
Samples are permitted but need proper approval from Supply Chain Services. All samples must enter all GHS facilities referencing a purchase order number.

Under no circumstances should a new product be trialed by a physician on a patient until it has been approved by the clinical use evaluation team. Product price negotiations will occur with the appropriate Supply Chain Services employee before any new products are used. The decision to trial a product does not constitute a buying decision. GHS will not pay for any trial equipment unless a purchase order has been issued in advance.

Note: This section does not apply to pharmaceutical products. All pharmaceutical clinical trials must go through the IRB approval process. Above information can be found in Vendor Policy and Procedure: Section V.

May I give a gift to an employee of Geisinger Health System?

  • Professional gifts - Vendors are prohibited from offering professional gifts to the staff or employees. Vendors who desire to make donations for patient care or education purposes are directed to Geisinger Foundation.
  • Personal gifts - No personal gifts, of any kind, from vendors are permitted at any GHS location or to any staff.
  • Vendor promotional items - No vendor promotional items (pens, highlighters, paper pads featuring product names, etc.) of any kind are permitted within GHS locations.
  • Printed or handwritten material - Vendors are not permitted to distribute, post or leave any type of unsolicited printed or handwritten material, advertisements, signs or invitations at any GHS locations.
  • Vendor sponsored raffles, lotteries or contests - Vendor sponsored raffles, lotteries or contests which result in gifts to the winner are forbidden.
  • Textbooks and items of educational value - Textbooks and items of educational value may be provided to the institution if approved by the department chair/director and consistent with conflict of interest policies. All such items of educational value must be donated through Geisinger Foundation.
  • Breakfasts, lunches and other miscellaneous food offerings - Geisinger Health System prohibits vendors from bringing food onto its premises for hosted breakfast, lunches or other purposes, regardless of whether such food is associated with the provision of continuing medical education credit or any other in-service or educational program.
  • Continuing education programs - Employees, medical staff and individual departments of Geisinger may not directly accept payments or expenses including costs of admission, food, lodging or transportation for merely attending CME or other forms of educational sessions. Geisinger will allow limited financial support for Geisinger sponsored CME events or third party professional society sponsored events where actual CME credit is being awarded. Special conditions, however, apply to such support and all financial support must flow through Geisinger Foundation. Contact Geisinger Foundation for further details.

Above information can be found in Vendor Policy and Procedure: Section VII.

Who should I call if I have questions regarding policies, registration or general questions?
For registration or general questions, contact:
Kim Harmon, System Administrator

For policy questions, contact:
Joel Meckley, VP Enterprise Supply Chain Services
570-271-6628 option 5

What is the definition of a clinical vendor?
Clinical vendors are considered to be any vendors that will be in a patient care area and/or procedural area. Patient care areas include, but are not limited to, inpatient care units, outpatient treatment areas, surgical suites (both inpatient and outpatient), cardiac catheterization laboratories, electrophysiology lab, special procedure areas or any other area where vendors would have direct patient contact. Above information can be found in Vendor Policy and Procedure: Section IV.

What is the definition of a non-clinical vendor?
Non-clinical vendors are those individuals who do not qualify as clinical vendors. There are no standard documentation requirements for non-clinical vendors to visit GHS. However, depending on the business need, GHS may request non-clinical vendors to submit specific documentation, including but not limited to, a confidentiality agreement, clinical background check and/or a signed Code of Conduct. Above information can be found in Vendor Policy and Procedure: Section IV.