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Give the gift of a healthier future to all the children in the community

Pediatric priority

Every patient in every community we serve deserves exceptional maternal-child and pediatric care. So, at Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital, we’re committed to making it available. And with your help, we can.

How? By embracing new ways of connecting with families across our service area. By using new technology to give all children access to essential care. And by expanding the reach of our maternal-child health team to serve more families before, during and after birth.

Our specialty-trained pediatric doctors and nurses have expertise in more than 30 medical and surgical disciplines. That means they treat the most complex pediatric issues — from neonatal illness and infectious diseases to neurologic disorders, cancer, diabetes and more.

The impact of philanthropy

Because we’re a nonprofit healthcare organization, philanthropy fuels everything we do at Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital.

Your generosity helps us provide the best care in every community we serve. It’s expanded our behavioral healthcare to children in isolated communities, brought pediatric primary care to underserved regions and grown our pediatric emergency services.

When you’re part of our donor community, you support things like:

  1. Protecting our children: We advocate and care for vulnerable children in our communities who are in harm’s way, or who need additional support to secure their safety.
  2. Enhancing care across our footprint through access and innovation: New strategies will connect us with families across our service area so every child can get fast, high-quality pediatric care.
  3. Improving access to behavioral healthcare: We’re committed to closing the gap so that innovative child and adolescent behavioral healthcare is available to all who need it.
  4. Caring for mothers and babies: Mothers are the hub of healthcare decision-making and the foundation for a child’s start in life — so reducing maternal mortality and promoting health for newborns is our focus.
  5. Promoting education and scientific inquiry: Education empowers families and future pediatric caregivers. Fostering meaningful research lets us better understand and impact complex pediatric disorders.

Learn more about these initiatives

Help us provide the very best care to children and families — immediately, compassionately, precisely and close to home. Your gift of any size provides world-class care to children right here in Pennsylvania. Together, we’re empowering our communities’ children to thrive and live their healthiest lives.

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Your gift, no matter the size, will help people live better and feel their best, in big ways and small.