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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

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We're reimagining healthcare.

Because you deserve more than just a diagnosis and treatment.

Exceptional healthcare. It's what we do.

Here, you get a team that’s 24,000 strong. What do they give you? Care through our hospitals, clinics and trauma centers. Affordable health coverage. Confidence in the healthcare providers of tomorrow. And the latest in healthcare innovation and research.

When all these different pieces work together, that improves the health and well-being of everyone. And that’s the heart of what we do at Geisinger.

Steele Institute for Healthcare Innovation

Innovation is one of our core values. Geisinger’s Steele Institute for Health Innovation was established to elevate and share Geisinger’s efforts to transform healthcare delivery by improving patient experience, quality, efficiency and outcomes. Some of the shining stars among our innovative programs are:

Fresh Food Farmacy® – This nationally spotlighted program with locations in Shamokin and Scranton helps food-insecure patients control their Type 2 diabetes by providing education, recipes and healthy food for 10 meals a week, free of charge, for themselves and their families.
Springboard Health – This first-of-its-kind population health program is designed to improve the well-being of entire communities. It works to prevent hunger and chronic disease, educates people on making better lifestyle choices and uses genomic medicine to address hereditary conditions.
Free2BMom – When a pregnant woman is opioid-dependent, we initiate medication-assisted treatment and coordinate support from community organizations to make sure she gets the care she needs during her pregnancy and for the first two years following birth.
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Research at Geisinger

Because there are unique differences between patients — genetic, environmental and social — the theme of our work is “personalized healthcare research.” By identifying these differences, we can make sure each patient receives the right care at the right time in the right way. Here are a few examples:

MyCode® Community Health Initiative – Leading-edge research in the areas of genetics and precision medicine is helping us advance clinical knowledge and bring promising treatments to the forefront. MyCode is currently the biggest biobank in existence.
Autism and Developmental Medicine Institute – We’re expanding clinical services for children with a broad spectrum of special developmental needs, including developmental delay, intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, pediatric epilepsy and ADHD.
Kim Lab – Developing and applying data integration approaches improves our ability to diagnose, treat and prevent complex diseases.

Our innovative programs: The Proven portfolio

This multifaceted set of programs is the cornerstone of our value-based care. It includes fixed payments and a 90-day warranty — if you need more treatment, we cover the cost.

  • ProvenCare®  – Through ProvenCare, we identify and consistently provide the best treatment for specific conditions to deliver better care at a lower cost. We began with elective coronary artery bypass surgery, expanded to hip and knee replacements and other surgeries, and have started to cover chronic conditions such as diabetes — all with positive quality-of-care results.
  • ProvenHealth Navigator® – Built on an evidence-based approach and team-based coordinated care, ProvenHealth Navigator emphasizes preventive services and helps patients adopt healthy behaviors to minimize the need for surgery or disease management.
  • ProvenExperience® – If you’re unhappy with your experience as a patient, we’re committed to refunding copays and deductibles — no questions asked.
  • ProvenRecovery – This approach gets you in shape for surgery and eases recovery through proper nutrition, opioid-avoiding pain management and mobility soon after your procedure.

Destination medicine

As a Center of Excellence in a variety of disciplines, we partner with large self-insured employers, including Walmart and Lowe’s Home Improvement, to offer bundled case rates for select services, including cardiac surgery, spinal surgery and bariatrics. Learn about our destination medicine program.


Bright ideas = Better outcomes for you 

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When you have a great experience here, our sharpest minds are behind it. Your healthcare is being transformed by the Steele Institute for Health Innovation.

Because your care should fit you

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Identifying what makes you unique means you get the right care at the right time, in the right way. And so does every other patient.

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Be part of our team

Here's your opportunity. Ready to make a difference at home or across the country? Geisinger is the right place for you to build your career.

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